Car Rides Empty Of Dog

No more car rides with my dog
Back seat is empty where she once lie
No dog looking out window
Or raising snout for a quick whiff
When window was down
Dog cover is still on
Still has scent and fur upon it
Ever so often strand of fur flies to front seat
I look in rear mirror to see if she is there
But, no dog lies in back seat anymore

Flea and Dog Letter

I have come to write my thank you, to you, oh dog.
In your dense thick fur I have made my home.
I am small enough to enjoy the whole vastness of the fur.
Your fur is jungle as I navigate from one end to another
As I try to escape your paws from scratching your fur.
I will not leave now as your fur is nice and warm.
I am digging in with my all my legs and unpacked my stuff.
I thank you again for the new home and giving you the bite of a flea.

— From Flea

Dearest Flea, I received your short letter.
I am unhappy you made me your home and I don’t want you in my fur.
You make me itchy making me scratch my fur constantly.
I want you find another dog to bother and not me.
You are so small I have hard time trying to reach you.
I have tried everything on my own to get rid of your annoyingness.
But, now I have whined and showed my owner I need help.
They have found something to get rid you.
So, enjoy your brief stay until the flea and tick solution kicks in.
For I will be glad when you die and fall out of my fur.

— From Dog

Take Into Air

To take into the air my quiet breath;
That with music loud and long,
Lift my eyes from the Earth,
My heart leaps up when I behold
Nothing in the world is single;
Such songs have power to quiet
And like a tide, you have flowned into me.

Poems I used:
Ode to a Nightingale – John Keats
Kuala Khan – Samuel Taylor Coleridge
A Prayer – Max Ehrmann
My Heart Leaps Up – William Wordsworth
Love’s Philosophy – Percy Bysshe Shelley
The Day Is Done – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Fulfillment – Author Unknown

Chelsey Painting

One stroke starts the painting
More brush stroke added
A portion done; let it dry
Small sections fill in
Painting comes alive
Mix paint for background
Large brush moves up and down
All around dog in the middle
Almost done; details added
Chelsey dog in painting almost real
Another portrait painting of my dog finished

Note: Painting her brings me closer to her. I still miss her.

Things A Dog Likes To Have

I, dog, like to have my bed
Where I can sleep soundly
As I also have my blankets
Where I can paw at them
Before laying down.
I like to have my toys:
Squeaky, balls, bones and non-squeaky;
Around so I can have a variety to play with.
I like my bandanas around my neck
For they make me stand out
Or get great comments from people passing by.
I like to have leash
For without it I can’t go walking outside.
I like to have my collar around my neck
So one, my owner can hear the jingle to know where I am
And two, my name is attach in case I escape.
I like to have snacks around; any kind will do.
I like my kong where you can put treats in
It keeps me busy for awhile while you work.
I like to have windows; I love to look outside.
But best thing I like to have is my owner nearby.

The Art Of Playing With Dog Toys

Art of playing with dog toys
Takes skills and years of practice.
Don’t just randomly choose your toy.
But, keep changing the toy
So not to get bored every day.
Sniff one that is still in one piece.
Gently take in mouth.
Run with it for awhile.
Stop to shake it back and forth.
Throw it in the air.
Watch it fall in delight.
Now to let the squeaking out.
Delight should heighten to
Take it in mouth and run around.
Prance until you are weary.
Laying down panting with toy near by.
From there it’s time for a nap
To repeat the playing of your doggy toy.