Things A Dog Likes To Have

I, dog, like to have my bed
Where I can sleep soundly
As I also have my blankets
Where I can paw at them
Before laying down.
I like to have my toys:
Squeaky, balls, bones and non-squeaky;
Around so I can have a variety to play with.
I like my bandanas around my neck
For they make me stand out
Or get great comments from people passing by.
I like to have leash
For without it I can’t go walking outside.
I like to have my collar around my neck
So one, my owner can hear the jingle to know where I am
And two, my name is attach in case I escape.
I like to have snacks around; any kind will do.
I like my kong where you can put treats in
It keeps me busy for awhile while you work.
I like to have windows; I love to look outside.
But best thing I like to have is my owner nearby.

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