Shards Of Memories

I traveled with mom
Back where grandma
Grew up in small town.

Times had changed
An old road where nothing stood
Big shopping centers now dot around.

Old memories stir
Trying to find the house
And park where once
My mom visited long ago.

Little shards of memories surface
Seeing different landmarks
Stories shared with me
What life was like fifty years ago.

New Environment

Out of car I’m picked up
Place on ground we walk
Toward my new home
I look at stairs;
I’ve never used before
You pick me up;
Carry me up stairs
Enter in; paws are wiped
Again I’m carried up stairs
You place me down
I look around
I nervously walk the rooms
Check out every space
My new home; my new life
Give me few days to settle in


You came through door
I was in a stand-up cage pen
I looked out as you sat down
You looked at different Shiba
I put snout between bars
I pawed the slim opening
I wanted to get out and meet you
You looked over
You laughed
At what I was trying to do
Rescuer let us other Shibas out
I came up; say hi with a lick
Then I walked around
Came back; placed front paws on you
You pet me it was great
Even though you looked at other Shiba
Then you left; didn’t know if you would come back

Weeks went by
Until you come back through door
A collar and leash in hand
You took me to be foster
I was nervous in new environment
Gradually I relaxed
I was happy to be away
Now I have new home
Away from five year being puppy mill momma
Now I can live my life
In comforter in my new home
Now that I am finally adopted