Collection Of Dog Poetry Vol III Published

Good news, my book “Collection Of Dog Poetry: Poem About Dogs Vol III” has been published. You can find the paperback version either on Amazon or search for it at other online retailers.  The kindle version is also out for purchase on Amazon or by search.

Amazon link for both Paperback and eBook can be found here:

Throughout the year there will be Amazon eBook promotions and maybe paperback one too. Look for new poetry books down the road.

Winter And Spring Letter

I write to say my season is not done yet.
Another two weeks of snow and ice it will be.
Days will be cold; ground will still be frozen.
I am sorry for late word.

This torture to prolong my season,
I want to see my flowers bloom.
I want warm air to blow through
Instead of freezing cold.
Why, must you add two weeks of more winter.

It is this year to add more winter.
It won’t be negative degrees
Like three weeks ago.
I’ll keep it tame; don’t you worry.
Your season will come soon enough.

Thank you for my concern.
This will give me time to prepare.
I will call the clouds and the rains
And whisper to the winds
To start two weeks after this cold.
Spring will come then
With budding daffodils and flowering trees.
Any more changes let me know
For the people are tired of winter now.

Not A Stereotypical Shiba

I love to meet people.
I go up; say hi to everyone.
I love to meet dogs.
I go up unless their owner says no.
I am friendly with everyone I meet.
I am not your stereotypical Shiba.
They say Shibas are wary of strangers.
They say Shibas are picky with certain dogs.
They say Shibas are aloof.
I have prove them wrong.
I was a puppy mill momma dog.
I lived in cage for five years.
They say I should be more afraid of people.
They say I should have been more scare.
They say I shouldn’t have been able to adjust so quickly.
I have prove them wrong.
I am a curious Shiba.
I am independent like they say.
I am a confident Shiba.
I like to cause mischief.
And I am not your stereotypical Shiba.

How A Dog Gets Attention

I nose owner in the leg

I find nearest object to put teeth on

I paw owner’s pant leg

I place paws on owner’s knee

I run around; zooming fast

I find squeaky toy; one which squeaks loud

I nudge food dish closer to owner

I speak my complaints in yodeling barks

And if those not work;

I put snout where it doesn’t belong:

Trash or food bags left out in easy reach