The Gorgon

Close your eyes against her stare
For if you do beware
Her eyes will penetrate you to stone
She may try to lure you with her voice
For her beauty she has none now
For hair is intwine with snakes
Her cheeks are pale from hiding
She is monster you shouldn’t behold
For with one look she will turn you to stone

Dog First Time At Outside Mall

New places I go

I walk towards mall.

It’s not an indoor mall

With walls and tight spaces.

This mall is open

Where one smells fresh air

As you wander down each store.

My owner and I walk inside.

Some are pet friendly

For I receive treats

Or petting from sale associates.

I see other dogs walking around.

I take it all in with my senses.

I enjoy until I’m tired

We go home; I fall asleep in car.

At Dog Park Haiku Sonnet

I look through tall fence
I want to join the big dogs,
Can you please let me?

I run with big dogs
Tongue out, smiling having fun
I make many friends

I run all over
I chase, bark my opinion
I say don’t be rude

I head to dry pond
I walk through a muddy patch
I have mud boots on

We go; wash paws with water
Now I am clean once again

Leaves Rustle

Evening comes with full moon high
Leaves rustle along branches
They shake for cold wind comes
Wind whisper among leaves
Telling them darkness will last longer
For which their color will drain
Turning them brown, red, orange and yellow
And one by one they drop in heaps to ground
Their life drying up crumbling when footsteps trod

Hoping To Dream Of You

Eyes close I go to sleep; hoping to dream of you.
I wish to see you run your zoomies around an open field.
Your mouth open happily having fun; free from pain.
I want to see you trot to me like old times; turn around, sit, waiting for a petting.
I want to scratch the head again; one of your favorite spots.
I hope to get a lick from you on my hand; telling me you’re doing good.
I wish I can see you play with your stuff animals; always brought me a smile.
You would play and play; swishing your tail enjoying the squeaks coming forth.
I hope tonight would be the night that I dream of you.