Faint I Hear

Faint I hear a dog bark;
Barely a whisper
Almost drowned out from rain.

What does he have to say this evening?
I don’t hear answering bark
On this foul night.

My dog is sleeping away
Could care less
Of what barking dog has to say.

She is resting peacefully
On her big doggie bed
dreaming of dry weather for tomorrow.

Winter On Vacation

Winter went on vacation
Left duties to other seasons
They tried to mimic winter
Each week they seem to fail
One week it rained like Spring
Another week felt humid and hot
Yet another felt cool as Fall
With leaves still falling off trees
Only three times they got it right
Snow fell and it was cold
But snow melted next couple days
They called Winter to say come back
He replied I’ll be back in two week time
Three seasons continue to struggle
While Winter finished his vacation up

Another Birthday Without You

A year since you have passed
Your birthday with you gone
Always two days before Christmas
I wished you a happy birthday today
Looked at your smiling pictures
Hoping you were having a birthday
Up above filled with everything you loved
I hoped you are window watching
Eating ice cream to last drop
Frockling in the snow to your delight
Having the best birthday ever
I hung up your in memory ornament
Wished you a happy birthday again
Only missing a chance to pet your fur

A Shiba Abecedarian

Another day to be alone
Bed soft as I sleep away
Cage-free is my life now
Didn’t have that before now
Every day is something new
For I was a puppy mill momma
Given only basic care
Hard was my life until now
I enjoy my new freedom
Journeys to new places
Kind people are now around me
Loving home is what I have
Many things to see and do
No more a puppy mill dog will I be
Oh, my world has gotten bigger
People stop and pet me often
Quickly I learned all around me
Roads are open to travel; much to see
Shiba, me is having fun
Thank you owner for rescuing me
Under this roof I enjoy my rest
Very happy now I am
Waiting for owner to come home so we can e-
Xplore and walk around
Yawning I awake; owner is back
Zoom, I tell owner I love them

Singing Snowflakes [Revision]

A solo snowflake makes its entrance in the sky.
Gliding down to cold ground below.
Then a duet of snowflakes makes the fall,
One alternating their falling lines below.
Quartet of falling snowflakes descends in great harmony,
As they play their winter chords aloud.
They beckon the final act to start;
And a chorus of snowflakes flutter down;
Their grand symphony for everyone to see.
Gracing their final showing,
Striding to put on their best show.
Showing their falling mystical beauty
For tonight is the finally concert of the season.

Dog’s First Take On Christmas Tree

I watch you take out a tree (if you call it a tree).

It’s has no fresh scent; has not been outside– and there’s no craggy stump.

Three parts it has as I watch you ‘put it together’.

You bend branches all around; while others are spread open more.

Once done you stand back to admire your handy work.

You check for holes; rearrange a branch here or there.

I watch not sure what’s coming next.

You place blanket around bottom of tree. (but you call it skirt, why?)

What are these color lights coming next.

You wrap them around tree (all the way to top).

You grab chair; place bright star light on top.

Again you step back and admire your handy work.

You say tomorrow will be more decorating. (what does that mean?)

Guess I’ll find out tomorrow.