My Treat So Dear

Dear chocolate, I can’t be without you.
Your sweetness surpasses other desserts.
I enjoy the dark, richness you offer;
Instead of the white variety.
I use to eat so much of you when young
But now I have cut back on how much I eat.
Hope you don’t mind;
But I try to eat a small piece every day.
When I’m on vacation I miss you.
I try to find ways to bring or buy a piece.
When I don’t eat you I miss the taste you have;
That smooth, bitter, creamy taste;
Which sends me over the edge.
When you enter my mouth
I close my eyes; savor all of you.
Chocolate, you and will always be with me
For that you are my treat so dear.


She brings the end of change in the air
She has seen her sisters enjoy the warmth
She is the tempest bringing days
Full of wind, cold, rain and snow
You never know what she will throw
Sometimes she will show more fall colors
But on other days muted dark will be her passion
She is the one who brokers with her brother
Whether cold and snow arrives earlier
She is the one at the end of it
Who can’t wait to take a needed vacation
To rest from what her tempest hand brings

Dog Walk Haiku Sonnet

Dog waits by the door
As harness is buckled on
Ready for outside

Down the stairs we go
We start our walk around and
Keep to edge of street

Down the road we go
She stops; sniffs, then answer call
Walk and stop some more

Around cul-de-sac
We continue walk with stops
She enjoys outside

Must finish walk now
We need to eat chow

Can I Have One More Treat, Please

Can I have one more treato, please?
I have been good you know.
I went through training commands
I did all the tricks you taught me.
I didn’t complain after dinner time.
Yet, you close the bag;
You placed it out of paws reach.
I just look with sad eyes pleading.
Just one more please;
Just one more before it bed time.
But, you say no
And that I have eaten enough.
I plead once again:
Can I just have one more treato, please?