Dog And Easter Bunny Photo Shoot Haikus

I see big bunny
Owner takes off my harness
I am placed in arms

I am not sure why
I am asked to looked at the
Camera nearby

I will give cute look
For treats that dangle nearby
I will tolerate

Bunny ears placed on
Look again at camera
Now this will not do

I start to wriggle
I am now done with these ears
I shake them off head

Dinner And A Water Bowl

Come back from walk
I go into kitchen to wait.
I wait and wait;
Human does not come in.
I come out of kitchen
I give human the look.
Please, feed the Shiba now!
Human shakes their head.
It’s not time to eat dinner.
Another two hours
They say until I eat.
I go back into kitchen.
Take water bowl from its place.
I spill water lifting it splashing
Everywhere in kitchen.
With bowl in mouth
I take back out to living room
To begin playing with it.
Showing you that I am hungry now.

How To Keep Busy When Home

How to keep busy staying at home?
Not being able to go in crowds;
Not being able to shake a hand;
Not being able to get close to a friend;
Not being able to go to events
Or hobby functions with many people.
I hang out with my dog more;
I can read the many books I haven’t started yet;
I can do my hobbies on my own;
I can practice playing my violin;
I can watch TV or movies;
I do anything on computer;
I can do anything on phone;
I can cook my meals;
I can sleep in;
Or I can write the day away.

Dog Doesn’t Like Social Distancing

I went to park to walk
Ground changes beneath paws
Hard road to muddy grass
I walk with human
Around a short path
There is dog up ahead
My human won’t let me near
Says words I don’t understand:
“We have to practice social distancing”
But I want to say hi
We distantly walk pass
I look behind
Want to say meet dog
But we continue walk
Until we get to our car to go home

Storm Is Brewing

A storm is brewing on horizon
Clouds of darkness begin to roll in
Air changes to shallow breaths
Panic begins to rise
Doors are shutter close
Locks fasten tightly shut
Windows closed from outside air
Outside streets are mostly empty
Cars sit idle in driveways and spots
No one dare leaves; afraid they are
Would they become next
Will the hidden traveler pass them by

My Shiba’s Bandana Wardrobe

My Shiba has wardrobe
A wardrobe of bandanas
Hung on six pant hangers
Four arms can open up
Slip small shower curtain ring clips through arms
To hold them all in place
I stopped counting bandanas
She has so many of them
There holiday themes, colors, words just to name a few
Every few days she switches out for new one
She wants to be a well dress Shiba everywhere she goes

Photo Friends Letter

Picture you took of beach sunset
With rich deep hue of sky
And action captured waves
Were astounding to say the least.
I don’t think I can quite do justice
To where I am today.
For I am in a busy town
As my picture you will see
When I write to you soon.

Your detail of architecture of Big Ben
Is amazing of how you compose it.
It makes me think I am actually there
Touching the building itself.
You always bring buildings to life
As I bring nature to its most intimate moment.

Glad you enjoy London photos;
For there is plenty to photograph here.
The history of buildings of old
Let’s me bring out the best of them.
Far different from where you travel now
On beaches far from towns.

The solitude of nature is relaxing
So many things view through lens.
I captured a crab in mid stride
Running away from birds
Circling the blue sky.
When does your trip end
For mine is finishing soon?

A few more days to explore
Then I’ll be home once more.
Then we will share our adventures
From two sides of a coin
Of trips we enjoy to take.
See you soon friend
And here’s the Westminster Abbey
To take in all its beautiful old age.

thank you for the photo
For it looked almost 3D when I looked at.
After we both get back rest
we’ll bring our prints over to share.
In mean time my friend safe travels
And see you soon.