Books To Learn

April poetry month has started. As usual this month I will be writing 2 poems a day. One from here and the other from my library. Here are the links to both sites. Library link and

I read the books to learn.
To devour them whole
Until they become a part of me.
I thirst for the knowledge of reading.
My thirst never quells
As it hungers for more books to read.
My reading is multidimensional
Fiction to non-fiction get roped in
Under my watchful eyes I open them to read.
I glide through books
One, two or three at a time.
Reading anywhere I can.
It is my sanctuary in reading;
When I can get lost in learning from books.

April 1st prompt from this site

2 responses to “Books To Learn

  1. I hear you! I even make it my goal to alternate between genres with each book on my bedside, so that I don’t read in streaks. Greetings and thanks for sharing your poem!

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