Back To A Farmer’s Market

Walk towards farmer’s market
Happy with excitement
My four paws patter forward
I smile, soak up the people energy
I am a magnet to people
They come up to say hi
Stroke my fur as I smile at them
I melt away their stress away
I am their comfort
I am enjoying my time
I greet everyone I meet
They smile when they see me
I am glad quarantine is disappearing
For I want to get back to people
I want to socialize
Make them feel better

Protests Fill The Sky

Crowds grow across the nation
Walking down street in protests
Anger fills the skies again tonight
Chants roll off their tongues in unison
How will it go this night?
Two days of fires rise in Midwest
Looting, chaos reigned the evenings
Protests in action for a death
Of a man who pleaded to officer
But died under officer’s knee
How will protesting go tonight?

Stare At Deer

On walk I saw a deer
I stopped to stare
Deer was very aware
As I drew near
We stared for some time
No move did we make
I had to take a break
Was the deer’s dinnertime
I continued my walk
And didn’t do the stalk

Few days ago Kana saw a deer and didn’t do what Chelsey did which was to chase it. Kana just stared at it for a long time.

My Work At Home Co-Worker

My co-worker right now is furry
She is not much of a chatter box
She sleeps through work day
With food and breaks in between
I do my work while she sleeps
Knowing she will have energy later
For walk and attention she wants from me
I wouldn’t recommend for best employee of the year
Since she doesn’t do any work at all
I recommend her for best support system
She is there to help relieve my stress
She is my work at home co-worker
For this stay at home time

Celebrate Mothers On Mother’s Day

Celebrate mothers with cards and flowers
Or perhaps a piece of creative art
We show our love to them
For they are special
Raised us from time we were small
They nature us
Lead us on path to adulthood
They are there when we need them
They deserve everything
They are the best of the best
We celebrate them on this special day