Trying To Feed Dog

I stick my hand full of kibble
Under her face to get her to eat
She lifts her snout to the air
She is not hungry
She refuses
Turns her face away
The hand stays
Lingers under face
Hoping she will take a bite
No, she still refuses
Hand places kibble on floor
Maybe she will eat later


Dog Sniffing Around

Dog walking around.
Head down. Sniff, sniff.
Smells fill the snout.
More snuffles into grass.
She categorizes her smells.
This one a new dog in neighborhood.
Oh and this is my friend, Toffee.
And here is the lingering smell of squirrel.
Sigh, he gone now and can’t be chased.
Here is the dog that growls at me all the time.
She lifts her snout.
Sniffs the air. There is a dog near.
Who could it be?
She moves forward. I follow.
To see who is up ahead.

Third Poem Published on Spillwords

I have submitted another poem to Spillwords which will be featured today. It is call Dog Eating Ice Cream. This is one of the double elevenie ones that I have published. So, excited to have another poem published on their site. They are having submissions for 13 days of Halloween. I will submit a poem and see if it gets accepted. Click here to view at

Life and Death Letter

Death, stop your gloom and doom.
You always look so downcast.
Why, can’t you see happiness
in joys of what surround you?

Easy for you to say, Life.
You, make everything so full
of your life. You bring in
new beginnings. There is
no sorrow or grief.

Your letters leave me
wondering if I can show you
the souls you take
still gives their love ones hope.

Hope in what?
That dying is not the end?
I’ve heard too many times
from you before;
death may not be the final end.

I know we converse back and forth;
but again open your dark heart
to see that we are part
of the cyle of life and death.
In which not all you take
is gone from loves ones.

I will try to remember.
You, Life give good wisdom.
I will write again
in hoping I will see
your meaning in what you said.

Anytime my fellow worker.
I will wait to hear from you
and write again soon.