One Line Dog Poem

Dog smiles laying down in middle of street with four paws stretching out as she pants and relaxes for it is hot outside with a cool breeze blowing through trees on an early June afternoon.


I Saw A Deer The Other Day

I saw a deer the other day
Made me think of my dog
Who passed away last year.
She would stop our walk;
Crouch low to ground
In lion huntress mode.
She would stalk quietly forward
On silent paws as she eyed her prey.
Inch by inch she would move closer
Until last minute she lunge in huge leap
To try to the deer which now fled the scene.
She would huff; she would cry
Let go of leash for I want to chase deer.
I missed our walks and adventures
Not knowing what wild animals would appear.

After Rain Saying

Rain stopped.
Clouds still hung dark.
Gray skies opened to lighter shades
Showing pinks, reds and oranges
As sun set for evening.
I looked at splash of color,
Thinking what has
Been passed down through generation:
“Red skies at night, sailors delight;
Red skies in morning, sailors take warning.”
A saying I’ve heard so many times.
It always seems to to ring true.
I hope tomorrow skies will be blue.

Dog Apology For Not Hearing You

Forgive me,
I didn’t hear your voice.
I was using my four paws
to dig a hole to China
while having an umbrella held
in my tail to shade my head
from the on comimg rain of blue locusts.
forgive me,
I didn’t hear your voice.
I thought it was you
but my fur started tingling
with high magentic reaction.
For I am afraid of stotms.
Luckily cool bath tub
muffles sound when no
windows are in bathroom.
I am not the social dog on the block.
I am the silent one
as my eyes speak their words.
I am your child
who runs to you
hiding behind when scared.
I am her love springing out
giving fountain of wet
water licking on your hand.
I am wearing glasses
to amuse your black box of a camera
you have as you take photos of me.
I am shedding my fur
for you to keep
as a reminder
when I finally pass
from this world.

Chelsey Liked Chasing Deer

Chelsey liked to chased wild animals
Her focus would never waver
But deer were what she favor
For they would catch her eye
She would hunker down low
On silent paws she would move slow
Trying not draw attention
As she inch as close as she could get
That would be until the deer sees the threat
Chase would be on as she lunged forward
Me on other end trying not to stumble
As she lets off a huff and a grumble
Trying her best to keep pace
Until she finally gives up the race