Singing Snowflakes [Revision]

A solo snowflake makes its entrance in the sky.
Gliding down to cold ground below.
Then a duet of snowflakes makes the fall,
One alternating their falling lines below.
Quartet of falling snowflakes descends in great harmony,
As they play their winter chords aloud.
They beckon the final act to start;
And a chorus of snowflakes flutter down;
Their grand symphony for everyone to see.
Gracing their final showing,
Striding to put on their best show.
Showing their falling mystical beauty
For tonight is the finally concert of the season.

Dog’s First Take On Christmas Tree

I watch you take out a tree (if you call it a tree).

It’s has no fresh scent; has not been outside– and there’s no craggy stump.

Three parts it has as I watch you ‘put it together’.

You bend branches all around; while others are spread open more.

Once done you stand back to admire your handy work.

You check for holes; rearrange a branch here or there.

I watch not sure what’s coming next.

You place blanket around bottom of tree. (but you call it skirt, why?)

What are these color lights coming next.

You wrap them around tree (all the way to top).

You grab chair; place bright star light on top.

Again you step back and admire your handy work.

You say tomorrow will be more decorating. (what does that mean?)

Guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

Holidays Come Upon Me

Holidays come upon me
Turkey dinners which smell declious
Cheerful gathering of family
Only it’s the anniversary of my beloved pet’s death
Passed away across the rainbow bridge last year
My sorrow was great, my first holiday without her
This year my heart has slowly mended
A new dog enter my life
Has brought some joy back into the holidays
But this month I will always remember my loss
For she passed away just two days ago
My smiling shining star
Now up in sky watching down on me
As busy holidays come right around the corner