Elegy of My Dog

Numbness I felt as dead weights
As I removed your purple coat
From around your body;
Along with your purple collar
Which would jingle to announce your arrival.
I held them close to my chest
When I left you lying on the cold vet’s floor
Wrapped in favorite beige blanket
Which I would use to place on you in cold winters.
I breathe in your coat;
Touch my fingers to the inside
Seeking out any loose fur
Caught in its fleece lining
Only fur that still carried your scent.
Your collar is now silent
Jingling has stopped
No tinkling when it make again.
My world was turned upside down
I walked as if empty of life
In weeks and months that followed.
I would look for you among your favorite haunts
Hoping to catch your smiling face
Or the look of independence you craved so much.
The pain has dulled now
But returns sometimes as a rushing river
Over flowing out oceans or lakes.
I know somehow you are close by.
Silent as ever you were in life.
Only you told me what you wanted with your eyes
And now they are closed forever
As sleep bath in the sunlight of your favorite spot.

April 18th prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/


What Breed Of Dog Is Right For Me

They said get a small dog
Like a Maltese who will
Sit on your lap all day
They don’t require a lot of excise.

Maybe stubborn, independent dog is calling for you
Shiba Inu fit the bill with their foxy look
One minute they’re near you; next blow you off
They wouldn’t mind if you left them for hours.

Or how about the Great Pyrenees
Extra big, fluffy cotton balls of fluff
Who can weigh over 90lbs
As they could pull your arm out when walking.

Perhaps a friendly dog like Golden Retrievers
They’re sweet, gentle, kind and easy to train
But, hey they are too popular to own
So what breed of dog is right for me?

April 18th Prompt: Write a four-line stanza, four-stanza poem about a topic, with each stanza being a subtopic. So, for example, “Bodies of Water” might include rivers, lakes, oceans, waterfalls or whirlpools. Some other possible topics: drums, headaches, boy/girlfriends, presidents or dogs.

A Flea In Dog’s Fur

I peer out from thick fur foliage
As I hang on with six legs
To watch your people move around
I am a tiny speck hidden within
Only way they find me
Is when you scratch your fur
I bite when I must
Sending me to being jostle around
As you try to reach my location
I retreat with my fellow fleas
I see your people look at you
They are concerned as this has been going on far to long
They come near with something in their hands
Its bigger then then me
Giant hands move into fur
I try to break to an exit
Drops come; to late I am to be gone
But, I know my fellow friends with hop back on for another rid
Before I pass I see the grey cold pincers grasp me
I am squeeze; my life snuff out

April 17th prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

Follow Short Dog Language

Original Poem taken from day 2:
Dogs say what they want
In few syllables as possible
Short; to the point;
Concise with their meaning
No wagging around the brush
With what they want to say
They know how to
Get their point through
Unlike us who can talk
And talk, and talk, and talk
Through many long hours
Words flow out to no end
Their language is plain and simple
Why can’t we too follow their example

Reverse the Poem to this:
example their follow too we can’t simple
Why and plain is language end
Their no to out flow hours
Words long many talk
Through and talk, and talk, talk
And can who us through
Unlike point their
Get to how know say
They to want they what brush
With the around wagging meaning
No their with point;
Concise the to possible
Short; as syllables few want
In they what say Dogs

Here is revised version:
Example we should follow too
So simple on why
Plain is their language
Theirs is no flow of long words
As people;
We talk and talk
To get our point across
Dogs get through what to say
They don’t brush around
With their wagging tongues
No, theirs is straight to the point;
Concise as possible
Short; syllables are few
In what dogs say

April 11th Prompt: Reverse one of your poems by writing the poem backward, last word first, ending with the first word. Then revise. This search engine will do it for you (and provide other prompts).

Chelsey Resting

Green tennis ball lies on floor nearby as
From her perch window watching
Chelsey rests head on paws

April 8th Prompt: Write a kimo, an Israeli form that tends to capture a moment (like a photograph in words), using three unrhymed lines with syllable count 10, 7, 6.

To Travel World

To travel around world without worry
Across continents I have never visited
To soak up history of each place
Stand in ewe of old structures
Which have been here for centuries
But, I wish I could have done it with you
My canine best friend of whom I miss
Even though you wouldn’t want to go
You would always be with me
I would take your picture
Chronicle your journey
As we hopped from one location to another
Or if I could be with you for one more day
To tell you how much I love you
How you were the best friend I could ever have
To pet your fur coat again; to take you for one more walk
Just to be in your presence again
Would put smile on our faces

April 7th prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

Miss Our Outings

Chelsey, my fur friend, my companion
I miss our outings together
We would brave any weather
Whether sunshine or snow
You loved to be out
Alone now me
I long for
Dog like

April 7th Prompt: Write a nonet, a nine-line form, the first line having nine syllables, each following line having one less, ending with a one-syllable line, so 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1; syllables per line.