Hoping To Dream Of You

Eyes close I go to sleep; hoping to dream of you.
I wish to see you run your zoomies around an open field.
Your mouth open happily having fun; free from pain.
I want to see you trot to me like old times; turn around, sit, waiting for a petting.
I want to scratch the head again; one of your favorite spots.
I hope to get a lick from you on my hand; telling me you’re doing good.
I wish I can see you play with your stuff animals; always brought me a smile.
You would play and play; swishing your tail enjoying the squeaks coming forth.
I hope tonight would be the night that I dream of you.


I’m A Shiba Inu

Are you mini Husky?
No, I’m a Shiba Inu.
Are you Spitz?
No, I’m a Shiba Inu.
Are you a Pomeranian?
No, I’m a Shiba Inu.
Are you a Shiba Inu?
Yes, I’m a Shiba Inu.
I’m the rare creamy Shiba Inu.
A friendly one,
Who wants to say with everyone.

Dog Lament On Bath Time

Why must I take bath?
I am not that dirty, am I?
I can’t help seeing dirty patches.
That smell, you smell
Is my new grass perfume.
Please, don’t wash it away?
I worked very hard to spread it over.
This is not fun as water sprays all over.
I am soaked from head to tail.
You soap me and rinse and soap again.
I shake to show my displeasure.
Another rinse and I am done.
I am dried in big white towel.
You carry me over to dryer.
Why must you torture me with this device.
It sucks at my fur; makes awful noise.
Please, oh human stop right now.
Alas, you continue until my coat is dry.
Fur is flying every where.
I guess it is that time of year.
I try to move away.
But collar lead won’t let me.
You better give me snack.
Cause this bath time was not fun all.