She Went Out Into Her Sleep

She went out in her sleep.
Eye lids closed forever.
Her head tilted in peaceful way.
Bandana of turkeys hung around her neck.
Her purple hardness a top her,
With purple leash attach
Like she wanted to go for a walk
Now instead she walks onto other side
To explore what the other world would hold.
Her purple snow coat on to keep her fur cozy and dry.
Her favorite blanket snugged partially on her.
I hope she somehow has one there too.
Stuff animals around her; her favorites she liked to play.
Now I hope she will have million of toys to play with on other side.
I held her as she grew cold in my hands;
Cried into her fur I would never see again;
And hope one day I will see her bound into my arms once more.


Memorial Tribute Lies On Dresser

Stuff pink purple pig lies alone with purple collar on top of fancy wooden box with dog’s name etched gleaming bright with a lock which contains her ashes lies atop a dresser.

What Is A Four-legged Friend

What is a four-legged friend?

Someone to snuggle with on cold night’s.

To lick your tears from your eyes when sad.

Or a walking partner to give you both exercise you need.

A car buddy to drive to places.

Late night movie partner to watch movie side by side.

Someone to lick you all over.

Someone who presses their body weight against your leg.

Someone who will be there when others will not.

That is what a best four-legged friend is all about.

Going To Shelter

I walk down aisles

Barking is ever where

Some eyes look out sad

I look at each cage

Hoping one would be the one

I jot down cage numbers

Take one more lap around

Add, delete cage numbers again

I see front desk

Ask about fee I selected

I mull it over

Can I greet cage 27

He’s younger than my Chelsey

Smaller and full of energy

He licks me on face

A warm greeting,

For I have been sad

I let him; we play a little

I take his picture

Text to my sis:

What do you think?

Could he be the one?

I finish playing

He is taken back to cage

I go home to empty house

I talk to Chelsey’s ashes

What do you think girl?

Could he be the one for me?

It is in her paws now to see.

Miss Going Out In Winter With Dog

My companion,
I wish you were here
To see snow falling out there.
Your favorite time of year
For your coat was made for it.
I would take you out
You would eat snow
Enjoying a fresh treat;
Then run rocket dog
Up and down and around
On large lawn across the street.
Oh, how I will miss our winter together.
You and me outside
Whether blizzard, ice or cold
We would waddle through snow together.

What To Do Now That You’re Gone

What to do now that you’re gone?
You gave me support by being here.
Your fur as I petted; comforted me when I was down.
You were the one to keep me going.
I am lost without you.
My days run into a blur.
One after another they melt into water.
I walk in a daze with no direction.
I need you back to help me again.
Sadness rules my my time.
What do I do now that you are gone?
My best furry friend I miss you too much.