New Life And Home For Dog

Sleeping dog in peacefully sleep

No cage bounds her anymore

Her tummy is well fed

No other dogs to fight or share food

No hearing barking all day long

She is adjusting well in new environment

No more a puppy mill momma

Now she has new life in loving home


Shards Of Memories

I traveled with mom
Back where grandma
Grew up in small town.

Times had changed
An old road where nothing stood
Big shopping centers now dot around.

Old memories stir
Trying to find the house
And park where once
My mom visited long ago.

Little shards of memories surface
Seeing different landmarks
Stories shared with me
What life was like fifty years ago.

As Years Continue To Go By

Years go by in a blink of an eye. (Yeah,
too fast I can’t remember them).
Where they go nobody knows.
Short they grow with each passing hour.
Like dreams fading in the wind. (and out my ear-)
Many years of remembering, (oh, please not true)
Only to forget each one.
Old age takes its grip into its iron hand.
It clouds the years forever,
Only to be awaken again

April 27th Prompt: Take one of your poems and, in three places, insert a parenthetical comment about the poem or your writing process, like “(I’m getting near the end here)” or this example from a Brenda Hillman poem: “(agonized/ by the glazed multitude/ of unusable lines—).”

Nook In Wall

I come from the hidden nook in the wall
Books in hand lost in their land.
I come quietly out where no one sees
With eyes dreamed over wishing
I was in the land of what I was reading.
I am the one in the back
Where no one takes notice
Quietly watching the world around me.
I come now, my mind loaded to the brim
With knowledge stack high from books.
My hard drive overloaded to capacity
Of thoughts pinging from one side to another.
I sit alone in my nook in the wall still
Reading books; lost in their world instead of ours.

April 11th prompt from this site

Silence Greets Me

Silence greets me in the morning
Sky still dark as I wake
Silence follows me around
I get ready for work
Silence stays as I leave
I go to work where silence doesn’t dwell
Silence greets when I come home
I open door to silence
I trudge upstairs to silence
Silence is there when I am eating
Dinner quiet; nothing heard around room
Silence is there when ready for bed
No dog to take outside one last time
No dog to say good night too
No dog tuck under blanket with toys
Silence is there when lights go off
Sleep comes until tomorrow
As silence greets me again in the morning