Death Clings To Me

Death clings to me;
a black cloak steeped heavy;
loaded down about to swallow me
into the pit of darkness.

How can I shed this cloak of death?
It hangs upon me;
A dark cloud about to storm
To zap me out of my mind.

Where shall I go?
Death clings where ever I travel
From one town to another
Death is right there waiting.

Death waits and waits
Silently clinging around me;
Will not tell me why
Or when my time will come.

My Dreams, I Lost

My dreams, I lost in dense woods
Not one drop can I remember
They seeped into the roots
They hide under thick foliage
I lost them a long time ago
Birds have taken them away
Only emptiness remains
They were taken out of their frames
Stolen as time ticked by and by
I try to recall my dreams
The woods have darken the way
To reach them I must find another path
There I hope I can find my dreams again

Things I Forgive Myself

Forgive myself for looking back into past
Of things that I could done very different.
Forgive myself for being a perfectionist
Trying to get projects to my specification.

Forgive myself for not being in a relationship
For I like my freedom to go and do want I want to do.
Forgive my for not loving myself fully
It all stems from the world around me.

Forgive myself for constant self-criticism of myself
As I seem to find fault always with who I am.
Forgive myself thinking I’m ‘not good enough’
All those negative thoughts swirling around my mind.

Forgive myself for not adopting to changes
It’s the fear of unknown that prevents me.
Forgive myself for losing my hopes and dreams
Cause I can’t seem to zero on what I truly want in life.

April 30th Prompt: Write a poem of 4-line stanzas in which you list and describe many things you forgive yourself or someone else for, at least two items of forgiveness in each stanza. The stanzas may be rhymed or unrhymed.

Don’t Bury Me In Some Unknown Land

Don’t bury me in some unknown land
Somewhere distant; far away
For no one would come to visit
No family would know where I lie
Somewhere under the dirt
In some unknown land far away
I wouldn’t hear the talk
From family and friends
I wouldn’t be bury close to love ones
So bury me close by
And not some unknown land far away

April 20th Prompt: One of the most famous Ukrainian poems begins, “When I am dead, bury me/In my beloved Ukraine,” and a contemporary Ukrainian poet writes, “Because cemeteries are too pricey/I would like to be deposited on a public bench…” Write a poem on where you would like to be buried and/or not buried.

Holidays Come Upon Me

Holidays come upon me
Turkey dinners which smell declious
Cheerful gathering of family
Only it’s the anniversary of my beloved pet’s death
Passed away across the rainbow bridge last year
My sorrow was great, my first holiday without her
This year my heart has slowly mended
A new dog enter my life
Has brought some joy back into the holidays
But this month I will always remember my loss
For she passed away just two days ago
My smiling shining star
Now up in sky watching down on me
As busy holidays come right around the corner