2 Life And Death Haikus

I look through the lens
To see life passing me by
I need to move now

Why does death look pale
In cold trance of life gone by
Death takes them in hand


Golden Sun

Golden sun sinks beyond horizon
Her light fades in passing to night
I watch her disappear and mourn
Wishing she could stay longer
Her youthful glow I will miss
Until she rides high above the skies
Her sunbeams radiate off energy
I rejoice in the coming morning
As she peaks her golden head
Above the horizon once more

I Sit and Ponder

I sit and ponder
To no great wonder
Why you and I are here?

Deep in thought
For which I tried not
What thoughts I could try to spare.

Why the world is so big
That you could fit many boat rigs,
Holding many souls so dear.

I am one so small among many
I feel loss among any
Who are above getting plenty.

So I continue to ponder
Before mind goes asunder.