Freedom Lost

Wings clipped
Placed in cage
Bars surround all around
No escape can be found in theses walls
Freedom of flight lost forever
No feel of wind betwen feathers
No more to fly free above
Now sadness, darkness comes
To oppress to tame a free heart


Where Sand And Ocean Meets

Cool waves lap against my feet
Sand pools around my ankles
Gritty sand seeps through toes
I am held fast by the current
Sand retreats back into ocean
I stand locked in place
Looking across vast ocean
Thinking what maybe beyond distance horizon
What is there for me to see?
Will I ever get there to find it?
I think of this, watching sunset befofe my eyes

Gaze Lost In Mindless Thought

Distance rumble I do not hear
As I sit near windowsill
Gaze lost in mindless thought
I hear the inner echo of my mind
Telling me there is something out there
But, old fragile husk of my body
Senses that there is nothing to fear
I sit lost in time to all around
Not knowing what distance rumble has come
My body has quell itself to the end
But, yet my mind wants to continue on
Hoping the body might come back as one

Thoughts Bombard My Mind

Thoughts bombard my mind like many chirping birds
Talking among themselves hiding in dense full leaves of trees.

Non stop they pluse my mind with never-ending words
Of what I should do;
Or say next.

Only consolation sometimes is when I go to sleep
They stop for few hours to breathe before they start anew.

How can one manage all these fighting thoughts
That fling themselves upon me in constant stream?

There is not much time in a day
To get to each and every thought
That passes through my mind.

Our Life Intertwine

The thread of our life intertwine as one
When we meet in winter when we were young
Kindred spirits we were forever
On that night so long ago

We were everywhere you and I
Traveled far and wide
Saw places we never knew there was
Collected many memories you and I

We grew old through the years
Watched the years changed and go
Heard murmur upon the winds
That one of us soon would go

You rested upon your bed
Your strength all but spent
I was near your side
When it was your turn to die

Your once bright eyes had sparkled
Now glaze over for your time had come
I held your hand one last time
As you slipped away to other side

April 26th prompt: The journal 3 Elements Review publishes poems integrating three disparate terms that the editors assign. Try composing a poem on one of these past assignments: husk-echo-quell, tandem bicycle-ache-procession or glaze-thread-murmur.

Death Had Come

I looked upon the ground, Death had come.
As I saw the bloody river, Death had come.

Broken bodies lie on the battlefield, Death had come,
To take their souls away from Earth: Death had come.

I saw the lifeless eyes stare in space, Death had come.
The skies had darken; rains came, Death had come.

I didn’t linger for the smell of Death had come.
Silence was all round the field, Death had come.

Many solders fought and died the day Death had come
Charging among them has they were cut down, Death had come.

War is horrible business when Death has come
To claim the fallen at Fredericksburg: Death had come.

I, Hasen ask God, “why so much death”, he replied, “Death has come
to take life, when new life gets created. So, Death has come.”

April 13 prompt from this site