No Love Has Found My Door

No love has found my door; to my heart
Not one has penetrated deeply
To stir the feelings within
To take the next step onward
Living together side by side
Enjoying each other company

My door remains close
Not one has come a calling
No love has come to me
To test the spark to begin
The relationship journey
Will the door ever open to someone?


Dog Valentine’s Day Toys

I woof you
I love (paw print) you
Free (wet) kisses
Melt my heart (paw print)
Wet kisses
Puppy love
Cute stuff
You make my tag wag
Furr ever
Too sweet
Be mine
Those are my Valentine’s Day toys
I squeak loudly to say I love you

Moon Has Come

Moon has come
Rising high above my head in
Glowing, radiant light spreading the
Milky light shining down in darken evening,
Your beams mesmerized me or
They beckon with their airy arms saying, “come
Let me gather you in,
Wash you with my light before the
Darkness dissipate to morning”,
I have come
I bury myself within your light; when
Will you come again in your fullest as you’re
Roundness hasn’t diminished for I looked
On coming days and have to wait for
You come or
Enjoy your company til it lasts; I come
My arms out strech to hold you without
Worrying when it will end without warning,
Evening begans to wane we gives kisses
To each other and
Wait for dawn. Dawn welcomes
As you slip away again, you’ll
Wave your airy arms as I find
There is no way to keep you close here.
One last look before
As you dip under the rising sun, I see you
One last time and
Now gone till another time the
Days and nights I oftener
Think the world of you
Call for you to come
But, not fast you’re not here
I think of how I miss the
Sweet lips, in time what more
Can I say; I’ll
Love you as I have adore
Every moon beam sent from you.

This poem uses the last word from a poem called “A Welcome” by Thomas O. Davis

Tongue Tie

I am toungue tie as I stare at your beauty
Words have twisted around in my mouth
So they jumble out in disconnected phrases.

I blink trying to clear my mind;
To clear my voice, to speak to you
But, my eyes are in love with you.

You brush your hand on mine to calm my nerves
You speak words that roll like rivers
But does no good for I have fallen madly in love with you.

Open Your Heart [Revision]

Go open your closed heart; let your love pour
In filling your empty soul full to top
Let it seep in; don’t wait for it to stop
Now ,for your love this time will start to soar.
Unbound your love and let love bound away
Watch it skipping, hopping through tall grasses
Try to keep up through narrow passes
For your love won’t leave; but will find the way.
Love will find its home this day either way
Through open windows or the open door
Straight to any heart it will find to pour
Into soul; love finds you this very day.
Love will enter you with might and gusto
For you had lost it from so long ago

Revised as my attempt to do a sonnet from what the original was like. The poem uses the rhyming scheme of abba cddc effe gg.