Her Eyes Looked On With Love

Her eyes looked on with love
She quicken to hold her horses close
Two tied together;
One with empty saddle
Other with packs of supply
She galloped forward on the third
Her lover in distance waiting
For they would leave place of darkest
Where both families didn’t approve
They would travel aboard
To find a place where they belong

April 22nd Prompt: Write a poem using a horse cliché in a way that is not clichéd but is new and vibrant: dark horse, hold your horses, horse play, horse of a different color, eat like a horse, get off your high horse, charley horse, one horse town.

Express In Words

How can I express in words to praise you?
You are my soft blanket I rest my head on.
You are judge and jury.
You are the snow all year long.
You are my child in fur coat.
You are happiness.
You are joy.
You are excitement;
Full of fun and tricks.
You are curiosity.
You are the adventurer.
You are like the sun rays I wake up to every morning.
You are like a stuff animal, so soft to touch.
You are my muse.
You are my cotton ball.
You are my wish making white dandelion
I blow to make wishes come true.
You are my everything that hold me together like glue.
You are my dog.
I praise you with all my love.

April 16th prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

You Are My Dog

You are my dog
I will give you everything
I will spoil you till the end of time
Your are my dog
I will take you places you have never gone
I will be yours
You will be mine
You are my dog
I will teach you tricks
I will love you
I will pet you every chance I get
You are my dog
I am here for you
You are my dog
I am yours
You are mine
I will love you till the end of time

Note: This is my attempt of writing a poem in a musical style. Musicals are my favorite type of music to listen too.

April 15th prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

Your Furry Heart

What did I steal?
I didn’t steal material items.
Some are not of use to me.
What did I steal?
I stole your furry heart.
You look for me with love in your eyes.
Your love is now tied to me.
You are mine to take care of until you pass.
I am not sorry I stole your furry heart.
For I saw and fell in love with you.

April 13th prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

I Love You More [Revision]

I love you more than stars of night.
Which shine their radiance with their light.
To where they sit upon the sky
To watch over you and I.

I love you more than sweet music of harps.
Which softly play with many sharps.
To where they play among the stage
So I can hear you sing all day.

I love you more than rain like showers
That pour their drops over all the flowers.
To where they fall from up above
I will see you safe and dry.

I love you more than flowers of blooming spring.
Which blossom their petals with what they bring.
To where they open their flowering sight
Of what I have seen our future is bright.

I love you more than the bright golden moon
Which only shows its beam at six to soon.
To where I will wait for you to arrive
To tell you what you’ve waited to hear.

I love you more than all my heart.
That had me beating it from the start.
To where I am now about to tell
That you are the one and I know it well.

A Dog Love Sonnet

Note from dog: This is my attempt at my first sonnet. This was difficult for me, dog, who had to ask owner how a sonnet worked.

What gives my furry heart to start to beat
My four paws patter to your open arms
With happy grin my mouth hangs opens to greet
For now you are home; I put on my charms

Shall I cuddle close or push you away
You give me bounding love; I return same
Walks abound every day; there’s also play
Alas, wasn’t this way before you came

For I was found wandering streets alone
On cold December day you came for me
Brought me to your place; I now call my own
Have you now wrapped around my paw you see

Thou art my best friend till my final end
Saying my good-bye will be hard to send

I Love Dinosaurs

I love dinosaurs from small to big.
I love their prehistoric look.
Their Large frames; their bony skin.
Some could have been feathery.
I love the herbivores: Ankylosaurus, Brachiosaurus,
Pachycephalosaurus, Parasaurolophus,
Stegosaurus, Triceratops.
The meater-eaters: Albertosaurus, Compsognathus,
Gallimimus, Spinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Velociraptor.
I love reading them in books; seeing them in movies;
Dreaming about them when I was a kid.
I sometimes wish I could meet a herbivore live
To pet, to hear how they sound.
Or go back in time as by-stander just watch them
Amble or stomp along the prehistoric world.
But, I guess for now I will play with just my dinosaur toys.