Musically Storm Tonight

All silent in sleeping slumber tonight.
Clouds begin to brew a coming storm tonight.

Winds will pick up with force; charging in before it rains tonight.

Musically symphony will crash through with rain beating the beats tonight.

Crickets using their legs will strum like violins before coming storm tonight.

Lightning will be the lights of the grand show tonight.

For thunder will crash as cymbals in end musically storm tonight.


Rain Thunder Lightning Haikus

Rain splatters window
Till water droplets fog pane
Can’t see out window

Thunder grumbles near
Unhappy they seem to be
Too loud for my ears

Lightning zig zags down
As it looks like ripping sky
Open to pour rain

Will Be Flying Over Soon [Letter To Yellow Orchid Flower]

Yo, my orchid flower friend!
I have been buzzing around busy
As any bumble bee can be.
I your got letter a little late,
Since I had recently moved around town.
I am bringing more pollen holders as you suggest.
I will see if other friends can come too;
As more the merrier we can throw a party.
To bury my head into to leaves for pollen;
I can’t wait to get pollen dirty.
Alas, this maybe be my last year
Us bees never know how soon we will go.
I fly quickly to your open bloomed flower side.
I will sing you a knew buzzing tune.
Until then my yellow friend hold your pollen for me longer.
Your busy buzzing friend, bee.

Come Take My Pollen [Letter To A Bumble Bee]

Why haven’t you written bumble bee?
I have been waiting to see if you would come by.
My leaves have just finished blossoming.
They await with pollen embedded inside for you to take.
I suggest you bring more red round pollen holders
For I have plenty this year.
Or bring more of your friends to take the pollen.
I know you will use it to help other flowers to bloom.
I like that we both contain yellow.
Your half furry body of yellow
And my yellow petals of leaves.
Already I miss your buzzing noise
Please write and come soon.
For I miss your company also.
From your affectionate flower friend, Yellow Orchid.