Winter [Revision]

Winter has come at last
Its cold tentacles reach out
Making the air cold to touch
Blows its breath to cold winds
Make land barren with snow
And where ice flings out afterwards
Laying rivers to frozen roads
Raging into a large winter storm.


Not Among Us

Winter is not among us
No snow to tell wintry tales
Only mild cold days lie around
With darken gray moody skies
Seasons seem to disappear
Not knowing which
One we are on next
Mother Nature seems to throw
The seasons out whack

Fall Has Not Come

Fall seems to have not come
Summer doesn’t want to let go
Her sunny hot days
Barely the fall leaves have not changed
So much light shines among them to keep them green
Summer put away your season
Bring Fall into cooler days
Let the leaves turn color
Days are growing shorter
Yet Summer wants to hang on more
Let go until next year
Let Fall come breezing in

Musically Storm Tonight

All silent in sleeping slumber tonight.
Clouds begin to brew a coming storm tonight.

Winds will pick up with force; charging in before it rains tonight.

Musically symphony will crash through with rain beating the beats tonight.

Crickets using their legs will strum like violins before coming storm tonight.

Lightning will be the lights of the grand show tonight.

For thunder will crash as cymbals in end musically storm tonight.