Flowers Sing Of Spring

The cows lay lazy in the house
Pulled with sleep
Wrapped around sheets
The cool air outside
The birds chirps
Sounding on trumpets
To welcome spring through open doors
Buds busting forth
Flowers unfurl their state flags
They begin to sing in rapturous chorus
Black music notes on bars come out
As they sway their petal arms in the air
I watch behind a window enthralled
At their beauty thinking only of when time comes
I will pluck them for a bouquet for my one true love

April 21st prompt from this site


Toxic Waters

Mother Nature cries her tears
She has had many fears
For her waters have become toxic.

She tries to cleanse them with her rain
But she feels it is all in vain
For people have accelerated too much junk within.

She pleads from above
Hoping young generation will find love
In stopping toxins from her waters in the end.

April 13th Prompt: The Oxford Dictionary 2018 word of the year was toxic. See if you can make a poem of that. If not, try some of the runners-up: gaslighting, techlash, gammon, cakeism, overtourism.

Snowy Weekend In January

One weekend the snow piled on high in January.
Snowflakes were falling at dizzying speeds
Collecting themselves in tight pack family on the ground.
Until Sunday sun shone shining it all stopped.
I stepped outside bundle head to toe
Only to miss a step trudging through snow almost knee deep
To get to where my car was parked
But not sure where since it was covered with mounds of snow
I find my car by a little color showing
Grab the brush and inch by inch
Brush snow away to reveal my hidden ride
Then dig around my buried treasure
So, tires can find some traction
To leave its snowed in parking spot
So, snow removal could clear the lot

April 9th Prompt: Write about one of the snow days or extremely cold days this past January.

Animals and Nature Tension

If all the animals could talk
Would they rise up and throw us out
For what we had done to them in the past.
Will we beg them to allow us to co-exist
With them instead of having tables turned
To where they start eliminating us.

If trees branches stopped their flowering
Will seeds cease to exist
No new trees will burst through from ground
Existing trees would struggle to survive
As no new trees will take their place.

If waters stopped their flow
Would they begin to dry up
For they are what keep us and animals alive
As water is the source of life
Also for everything else around us.

If nature throws more at us:
Intense hurricanes, deadlier tornadoes, frigid winters
Will we make through
To see what will come next on the horizon
Or will we end like our predecessor (the dinosaurs).
Who were once on top like we are now.

April 6th prompt from this site

Earth In Trouble

Right now.

This second,

Mankind alters Earth beyond recognition.

In summer, pinyon pines don’t smell,

Wind feels in error,

Like it’s blowing the wrong way,

At wrong time of year.

These feelings of the climate change

Talk of Antarctic glaciers melting faster.

Environmental dangers occupied top spots on biggest global risks.

They told us so.

This is an Erasure poem. Below is the photo of scratching out the words.