The Thorn Bush

Thorn bush
Prick their needles
Into my clothes.
The ball now lost
held captive in
thorn bush’s embrace.
Will have to find
another way to
win my ball back
from the prickly flora.


Photo Adventure Postcard

Hope to see you soon as we finish a week on our adventure. We walked
through dense trees snapping photos as we went. Nature surrounded us
at every corner. Through lens they stared at us. Waterfalls refreshed
the gloom of forest. Natures beauty at its finest. Quietly watch wild
animals at their play. Saw dynamic clouds with sunset as the day closed
to an end. Will show photos of our exciting adventure. See you very soon!

April 28 prompt from this site

Herd Is Coming

Hoof beats on the trail
Thundering a mile away
Drumming into ground surface
You could hear ground shake
See the dirt fly in all direction
They rush by like melting watercolors
Legs churning the dirt beneath
They gallop by like the rush of the wind
All you might catch is the tail end
Of a herd of horses streaking by

April 26th Prompt: Think of a time when you saw a group of animals moving together: a buffalo stampede on TV, dogs running on a beach, birds flocking, giraffes or elephants on a safari, fish in an aquarium. Write a poem about that movement.

Grandma’s Backyard

Has trees
Standing guard
Around three-way perimeter.
Their branches
With weapons of needles
They handle with great care.
Tall curvy grasses giggle
Hiding their secrets
During early spring.
Perhaps, it is
Another baby deer born.
Battles are raged
On rainy days
Ground submerges
Under water.
Lake or swamps
Rush into form
As they change
Landscape at their will.
Walk upon ground
To find a hole
Lurking in plain sight
As a hidden indentation.
Spring has brought
It’s hardships to the yard.

April 25th Prompt: Cleveland poet Russell Atkins describes a backyard that “has hold/ of the throats/ of trees”. Write a poem that personifies your backyard, or the backyard of someone you know during a particular season of the year.

Rain Water Coming Down

Spring flowers wait; distant clouds bring the rain
Soak water coming down; happy for rain

Colored petals sparkle with rain drops new
As many droplets drop from clouds with rain

Flowers grow with the coming clouds of rain
While people all around outside complain

For April will bring wet miserable rain
For which I will now stay inside today

And watch from the window to view the rain
As water travels slowly, down ditch drain

Sleuth Of Bears Go Down To River

Days of Summer filled the air.
Rivers sparkle water upon their surface.
A sleuth of bears wade where river current flow the fastest.
Their space was three paws wide across the river wide.
They waited in earnest for the river flow,
For coming up the stream, they would get their prize.
Their favorite dish they hope to catch, a salmon within their paws.
The sleuth of bears waited; hunkered down for they smelled them coming.
Then they saw with joy in their eyes; salmons jumping the river.
They swiped with their paws with lots of misses.
They swiped again and had great successes.
They used their mouths with disappointed.
Back to claw out of paws to catch their food.
They continue throughout the day.
Till right before the setting sun.
Out of river the sleuth of bears come.
They shake the fur dried and laugh of food they acquire.
Off they go their caves to sleep;
Their bellies full.
They still have few more days;
To feast along the river before salmon disappears.
Then they will get ready for long winter night.
Gathering nuts and berries; to stuff themselves.
But now the young sleuth of bears will enjoy their time together.

April 14th Prompt: Make up a narrative poem based on a collective noun such as a “Murder of Crows,” a “Coterie of Prairie Dogs,” a “Crèche of Penguins.” You can find other such terms by doing an online search for “collective nouns.”

Haibun: Near The Lake

Lake glistens under sun. Water fountain gurgles out plumes of water. Ripples crest with ducks entering. They swim around quacking; trying to make their voices be hear above geese honking their coming as they glide down to land upon water’s surface. Deer stop to drink on one side of water’s edge. Their reflection wavers in the lake. Trees surround on a semicircle around; some thick where you can’t see through. Ground slope up to sidewalks where nestles on other side a condo building sits.

Nature is calling
Open the windows to see
Spring finally here

April 12 prompt from this site