Review On Geese

Outside I hear honking geese.
These creatures annoy all the time.
They are constantly in the way
Whether walking to get to my condo door
Or in middle of street not moving
When I drive toward them.
You have to keep eye out for their droppings.
They go anywhere they please.
They make a fuss when your dog comes out.
Honking loudly across the pond
Even though they are not near you and your dog.
I recommend not having a lake nearby.
Geese loves lakes and will come every back year.

April 27th prompt from this site

Truth is in a White Chrysanthemum

Truth is in a White Chrysanthemum
I pick them for their honesty
They will gather in a vase
For everyone to see
They will whisper to people
Tell the truth; be honest
For I am full truth and purity

April 11th prompt from this site

When I See Oaks

When I see oaks towering over me
I wonder how long they’ve been there.
How many years; centuries have they witness events?
Their bark craggy with almost human faces
Look sad at what they have seen through ages.
Do they ponder what they see
And keep it hidden within their bark
Or thick leaves that surround their head?
They watch silently as time goes by them.
Probably watched a boy sit beneath
Reading a book for hours and hours.
Watched the sky turned dark
Saw the storms rolling in fierce with determination
Trying to strike them down.
Through seasons they see and hear all of what goes on.
They see construction destroy their friends
They see families gather for picnics
Under a Spring day under their full leaves.
I wonder if one day they will share their secrets
With the many things they’ve seen through the ages.

April 9th Prompt: Robert Frost wrote a poem about his thoughts upon seeing birches. What do you think about when you see maples, oaks, gingkoes, or pines?

On A Sunny Day

My dog is a cloud that floats calmly in the sky.
But clouds taste like puffy marshmallows changing shape.
You see her come up to you her tail curled
As you finish your cool sweet refreshing drink
For she silently makes no noise for you to pet her
Her fur is silky to touch; her ears feel velvet
With a scent of coconut from recent bath rises up
As you bend down to breath her fur.
Her fur you hear vibrations with each stroke.
Near Handel’s Ice cream is where she is
Meeting a girl named Emily.
Clouds do not taste like marshmallows but they are puffy.
My dog might become a therapy dog some day.
Low key my dog will go to anyone.
Every time she see people she wants attention.
“Your dog is sweet and cute” I hear all time;
“But you don’t know she use to be a puppy mill dog.”
The charming Shiba dog of growth is what she has become
As I am upon the shores with no confidences.
I tried to tell my dog to lay down to wait for ice cream.
Bookworm waits patiently as dog is being petted.
My dog will pass her therapy classes with ease.
My harmonious dog just want to love everyone around her.
She is a social dog who wants be out in the world;
Mohaya ori no nakade wanai.
Wind sing their praises of my dog now free from puppy mill life.
Clouds drift calmly by on warm a summer day.

April 5th prompt from this site

Gently Walked Upon The Rocks

I gently walked upon the rocks
Lubric they were from rainy days
Where wind howled in night
Clouds emptying their water
With hard rains striking down
I dare tread slowly upon rocks
To cross the other side
So I can sit; stare; write
On what happens after a rain storm

April 4th Prompt: Write a poem using one of these words from poems in last year’s Best American Poetry: ochre, zaffire, rarefaction, refulgence, avows, bijou, loggias, lubric.

Daffodils Were Silently Mourning

Last year daffodils were silently mourning
Mourning a lost of a furry friend
They had drooped their heads
Held themselves a silent prayer
For one furry dog
Who loved to sniff them;
Who loved to sit in them;
Who loved getting photos taken with them
They bowed their heads
When I took a picture last year
Just of them empty of that furry space
This year they will notice
A new dog will come around
Hopefully she will sniff them;
Sit among them;
And get photos taken with them
For they are happy life flowers


She brings the end of change in the air
She has seen her sisters enjoy the warmth
She is the tempest bringing days
Full of wind, cold, rain and snow
You never know what she will throw
Sometimes she will show more fall colors
But on other days muted dark will be her passion
She is the one who brokers with her brother
Whether cold and snow arrives earlier
She is the one at the end of it
Who can’t wait to take a needed vacation
To rest from what her tempest hand brings