April Poetry Starts Tomorrow

Hi everyone! Tomorrow starts the first of April which means national poetry month. Basically each day you write a poem in the month of April. There are plenty sites giving prompts for each day. My library again is going to be doing a prompt every day and read a poem too.

Unfortunately no one wrote a poem from my prompt so there will not be one posted tomorrow. The April prompt for this month will be either pick one of the sites that will be hosting national poetry prompts and pick one. Then comment here or to one of the many April poem posts. Or the other is to go through my Month of April: 30 Days Challenge category and write a poem based on that prompt and post it here or to that post. Then end of April I will choose a poem or two and display it on the site.

Here are some sites that will have prompts to write a poem a day from:
Read+Write: 30 Days of Poetry (My Library)


Writers Digest Poetic Asides

National Poetry Month

March Prompt

Here we go! The first of each month will be a poem for you guys to try. Then I will pick one the first week of next month and post it for everyone to read.

Since St. Patrick Day is coming up. Write a poem associated with this holiday. Examples: write about leprechauns, clovers, pot of gold, land of Ireland or about the holiday itself. Poem can be in an form style you want and can be short or long. Here is an example of one of my old poems associated with the holiday.

Irish Clover
Posted on March 16, 2012 by N. K. Hasen

What luck I see in the meadow yonder?
A meadow of glorious green,
Waving their four leaf fingers,
In the coming of the season.
Clovers abound through the field,
Dancing to an Irish jig.
Back and forth they sway,
In their green Irish way.
I walk among them with delight,
As I stoop to pick a leaf.
I held it in my hand,
And finally make my wish to send.

To submit you can either link the poem you have from your blog in the comments or if the poem is not to long you can type it in the comment section. I look forward to the submissions!!