5 Haikus of Philadelphia

No cellphones brought through
Mint doors to watch; take tour of
Money being made

One old single street
Still has cobble stones where you
Walk historic path

Behind glass; not touched
Has a large crack in its frame
From time long ago

Document signed
By men now famous in room–
Independence Hall

Walk streets at night, find
Historic ghosts prowling where
nation was founded

5 Dog Haikus Even More

Here are more haikus from what a dog would write.

Oh, I wish you could
understand what I say now
But you look confuse

Why can’t I have your
Food to eat the same as you
You keep saying no

I feel the aging
Has come to slow me down for
Now I can’t do stairs

I am in pain
But hide any traces when
You are now nearby

You cry on my fur
Don’t worry, we’ll met again
In another life

5 Waiting Dog Haikus

Here are more haikus from what a dog would write.

I was sleeping when
I heard your car door slam then
Race to door waiting

I can sense when you
Are coming home, eagerly
wait for you at door

Door opens, I see you
Yes, you are home, you are home
Tail wags happily

Where have you been; I
Have been waiting forever
For you to come home

You left me again
Look out at window waiting
For you to return

5 Dog Haikus of Randomness

More dog Haiku from what I think my dog might write if she could.

Crumbs on paws from snack
Must lick until very clean
Continue I lick

I come over to
Give you my backside so you
Can pet my fur coat

Relax today on
Balcony for it is a
beautiful today

I give you a look
Please bring my food to me, as
I, lazy today

No water in bowl
I run around to try to
Get your attention