Another Poem Published on Spillwords

I had submitted another poem to Spillwords which will be featured today. It is call Lucky Star. So, excited to have another poem published on their site. I can’t wait to add another one to their site. Click here to view at


Upcoming Book In Progress

I have my tenth poetry book going be coming out soon. Right now we are in proof and editing stage. This will be the collection of the double elevenie poems. Topics range from food to walking outside and versus other animals like cat. Will update soon when it is published and I will get the Amazon links posted up. Until then I am in processing of editing and making sure cover looks good.

April Poetry Starts Tomorrow

Hi everyone! Tomorrow starts the first of April which means national poetry month. Basically each day you write a poem in the month of April. There are plenty sites giving prompts for each day. My library again is going to be doing a prompt every day and read a poem too.

Unfortunately no one wrote a poem from my prompt so there will not be one posted tomorrow. The April prompt for this month will be either pick one of the sites that will be hosting national poetry prompts and pick one. Then comment here or to one of the many April poem posts. Or the other is to go through my Month of April: 30 Days Challenge category and write a poem based on that prompt and post it here or to that post. Then end of April I will choose a poem or two and display it on the site.

Here are some sites that will have prompts to write a poem a day from:
Read+Write: 30 Days of Poetry (My Library)


Writers Digest Poetic Asides

National Poetry Month

Blog Anniversary

Today is the 6th year since this poetry blog got started! Since then I have self-published a total of nine poetry books. More will be on the way. I was thinking about putting together a fun collection of dog poems based in double elevenie form. I have already started them if you have been reading them. Another idea for poetry book I was thinking was letter poems. Letter poems are like letters but done in more of a poetic way. Two examples are the Moon And Sun Letter and Love Letter To My Dog. I am in current work of a possible how to write poetry book with prompts and sample of my poems. I am also considering on adding another category section for giving you guys a chance to write a poem based on a prompt I post once a month. Then pick one of poems and feature it on my blog. If you think it is a good idea let me know. You can either comment here or to the suggestion and ideas page. I look forward to posting more poetry to everyone who is following my blog and future followers!

N. K. Hasen

Collection of Dog Poetry: Poems About Dogs Vol II Discount week

Starting to day and ends in 6 days and in less than 7 hours; I have placed the Collection of Dog Poetry: Poems About Dogs Vol II on the Kindle Countdown Deal. Price starts at $0.99 and increases each day until it reaches its fixed price of $6.99. Here is the link for quick access: Click here

Look for more Kindle Countdown deals or other discounts in coming months.

Collection of Dog Poetry Vol II Published

Good news, my book “Collection of Dog Poetry vol II” has been published. You can find the paperback version either on Amazon or search for it at other online retailers.  The kindle version is also out too for purchase.

Amazon link for both Paperback and eBook:

As of October 31, 2017, Createspace has redone how they do the Createspace eStore. The eStore is going away and URL are redirecting to Amazon. Below is the CreateSpace URL in case you use CreateSpace. They have also removed the promo coupons codes you can create. So, for future books I will link just the Amazon one.

CreateSpace link:

Throughout the year there will be Amazon eBook promotions and maybe paperback one too. Look for new poetry books down the road.

105 Dog Haikus – Update

105 Dog Haikus is done. It has taken awhile to get it finished. This book has 105 haikus about what a dog would poem about if they could. They range from outside through the seasons, brushing of the fur, eating, habits and a lot more. You will be able to buy it from Amazon or CreateSpace.

Amazon link for book:

Amazon link for e-book:

CreateSpace link:
I have promo codes for this site for “preferred customers”: 10% with code 4YL9A5LB

I would have to say it was fun being able to publish another book of poetry. I have some other poetry book ideas in the works.