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yassy in Poetry
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Man of many thoughts

New Year With Ideas

Welcome to another year poetry. This year I want to get more input from you, my followers on what kind of poetry you want to see. I am also open to any other ideas that you may want to see. I am heading into my ninth year of writing poetry and posting to the blog. I want to thank all my readers and followers for reading what I have written. I hope to give you more poems, different forms of poetry, another publish poetry book or two and more. Feel free to comment your ideas and hope for a great year in writing.

Thanks again

N.K. Hasen

Collection Of Dog Poetry Vol III Published

Good news, my book “Collection Of Dog Poetry: Poem About Dogs Vol III” has been published. You can find the paperback version either on Amazon or search for it at other online retailers.  The kindle version is also out for purchase on Amazon or by search.

Amazon link for both Paperback and eBook can be found here:

Throughout the year there will be Amazon eBook promotions and maybe paperback one too. Look for new poetry books down the road.

Collection Dog Poetry Vol III Book Coming Soon

No poem for today. Just wanted to let you all know that I am working on Collection of Dog Poetry: Poems About Dogs Vol III book. Not sure when it will come out but I am hoping sometime between August and October. This volume will have poems from what a dog would poem about to a two special topics which you will have to wait to find out. Of course it will also have outside with the dog and even more dog random poems. The cover is still in the works and once I get closer or it is published I will show it here. Chelsey, who passed away last year, helped me in writing a lot of the poems out of this collection and the other two published books. It would not have been possible without her and I am glad she helped me in developing a passion for writing poems and books.

Thank you Chelsey, my poetry muse!!

N. K. Hasen

April Poetry Starts Tomorrow

Get ready for tomorrow! It will be the first of April which means national poetry month. Basically each day you write a poem in the month of April. There are plenty sites giving prompts for each day. My library again is going to be doing a prompt every day and read a poem too.

Some sites that are doing national poetry month are as follows:
Read+Write: 30 Days of Poetry (My Library)


Writers Digest Poetic Asides

National Poetry Month

Happy writing poetry to everyone this coming month!!

30 Poems In 30 Days: April Challenge Vol III

April Poetry is coming next month. So, for all I have published the next volume: “30 Poems In 30 Days: April Challenge Vol III”. You can find the paperback version on Amazon right now. It is also on some other channels too like Amazon Europe and other offline and online retailers. The kindle version is on pre-order status until this Wednesday 21st. The kindle version for Amazon is also done and ready to buy.

Amazon link for book:

Can pre-order book now.
Amazon link for e-book:

Also two Mondays will start April Poetry month, hence the reason getting this book out. If you want to be a part of the challenge. signup here