3 Tail Haikus

I look at my tail;
Seems to be laughing at me
Tail stop your waving

Tail curls on my back
Peek through to see other side
From hole in center

Tail you are useful
Can carry stuff under curl
It will take practice


I Love You More [Revision]

I love you more than stars of night.
Which shine their radiance with their light.
To where they sit upon the sky
To watch over you and I.

I love you more than sweet music of harps.
Which softly play with many sharps.
To where they play among the stage
So I can hear you sing all day.

I love you more than rain like showers
That pour their drops over all the flowers.
To where they fall from up above
I will see you safe and dry.

I love you more than flowers of blooming spring.
Which blossom their petals with what they bring.
To where they open their flowering sight
Of what I have seen our future is bright.

I love you more than the bright golden moon
Which only shows its beam at six to soon.
To where I will wait for you to arrive
To tell you what you’ve waited to hear.

I love you more than all my heart.
That had me beating it from the start.
To where I am now about to tell
That you are the one and I know it well.

Dog Lament On Bath Time

Why must I take bath?
I am not that dirty, am I?
I can’t help seeing dirty patches.
That smell, you smell
Is my new grass perfume.
Please, don’t wash it away?
I worked very hard to spread it over.
This is not fun as water sprays all over.
I am soaked from head to tail.
You soap me and rinse and soap again.
I shake to show my displeasure.
Another rinse and I am done.
I am dried in big white towel.
You carry me over to dryer.
Why must you torture me with this device.
It sucks at my fur; makes awful noise.
Please, oh human stop right now.
Alas, you continue until my coat is dry.
Fur is flying every where.
I guess it is that time of year.
I try to move away.
But collar lead won’t let me.
You better give me snack.
Cause this bath time was not fun all.