Celebrate Mothers On Mother’s Day

Celebrate mothers with cards and flowers
Or perhaps a piece of creative art
We show our love to them
For they are special
Raised us from time we were small
They nature us
Lead us on path to adulthood
They are there when we need them
They deserve everything
They are the best of the best
We celebrate them on this special day

Unhappy Walk Haiku Sonnet

I take walk outside
We must be six feet away
I, dog says not fair

Need to socialize
Hooman will not let go near
Not happy at all

I look at you sad
You say there is pandemic
I, not understand

Walk quicker I will
I continue to get near
You slow down our walk

I am dog, no understand
This pandemic was unplanned

New Page: Online Shop

Good evening everyone!! I wanted to post and say I am have figured out to sell my paperbacks straight to my readers. I am testing it out with the Collection of Dog Poetry collection. Right now I am offering the three books separate and all three books bundled together at a discount price. I am using Paypal and if you don’t have Paypal you can still paid by credit card without an account. I will also sign these copies when someone buys any of them. I plan on getting the rest of the books under the online shop. I am still figuring how to get the e-books on here. That will be updated on the online shop page which can be found here.

Stores Lie Silent

Stores lie silent upon our walk
She gazes in each window
Hoping a door would open for her
Doors are locked tight
No one on the inside
She walks to next
Hoping someone will be around
No one lies on other side
She looks questioningly at me
Wondering why one day doors are open
And next doors lie close
How to explain to dog
Who doesn’t know what’s going on
How she is not allow to go shopping
How she is not allow to go to events
How she is to stay 6 feet away
She wants to meet people
She wants to interact
She wants to meet dogs
She wants wants to socialize
Instead of staying home all day long

Poet To Poet Letter

I ponder your words filled
with rhyme and metaphors.
They slant back and forth
weaving lines melodious
to my ears as I write this
letter to you dear poet.

Your poems, fellow poet fill
me with power and emotions as thoughts
of you expressing come
thundering from the page
as I write to reply to you my friend.

I see the images in your poems.
They dance in my mind eye
growing vivid with each word
I read upon the page.

I thank you for your words.
To kind you have given me. Your poems
I will keep close; until we can
meet up again to converse.

April Poetry Month 2020 Comes To An End

Hope everyone enjoyed April Poetry Month! I know I did! I can’t wait for next year to come. If you looking for prompts to help out your poetry why not purchase a copy of one of my 30 Poems In 30 Days: April Poetry Challenge books. I have kindle or paperback. Currently you can them through Amazon.

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Return of Shedding Fur

Time of year has come for dog to shed winter coat.
Returns in small single fur flying off when petted.
Days later fur begins to be pulled by tufts.
Brushing is the rule each other day.
Fur brushed off turns into a pile.
It grows and grows until–
You can almost make another dog from it.
Then summer coat comes in at last.
Until we wait for fall to change coat from summer to winter.
Return of loose fur has arrived
Shedding is means of the day

April 30th prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/