Photo Adventure Postcard

Hope to see you soon as we finish a week on our adventure. We walked
through dense trees snapping photos as we went. Nature surrounded us
at every corner. Through lens they stared at us. Waterfalls refreshed
the gloom of forest. Natures beauty at its finest. Quietly watch wild
animals at their play. Saw dynamic clouds with sunset as the day closed
to an end. Will show photos of our exciting adventure. See you very soon!

April 28 prompt from this site

Into The Fray

Into the fray I lead them
With each passing turn
The adventure continues onward.
Into the middle I read through the lines
Never waver I plow through.
My eyes are fixed on getting through;
No one can stop me at this adventure.
Then a noise I hear close by
Causes me to lift my head and mumble.
Mom is there in the darken hallway
Images of adventure dissolved like water before her;
Tell me it’s too late to continue my glorious read.
With lights now out my captor’s eyes now gone;
I grab a flashlight in hand;
Dive under covers to continue my glorious adventure I’m reading.

Next Adventure

Where to look for the next adventure?
Is it waiting just around the bend?
Could beyond the mountains that rise above
Around the bend be the answer to the adventure I seek.
I cannot sit and wait for I am restless to find;
To find the adventure I seek beyond the bend.
Off I will travel to where I do not know
I just know to find my adventure behind the bend up ahead.