Wait A Sec Dog Haiku Sonnet

I look at owner
Take me outside right now please
You say wait a sec

For I was outside
One hour ago for a walk
I want to go now

I go to bedroom
Grab stuff orange that’s on floor
I run back to you

Get your attention
I throw it in air; chomp it
I hope it works

You get leash; I go to door
Outside we go to explore

How A Dog Gets Attention

I nose owner in the leg

I find nearest object to put teeth on

I paw owner’s pant leg

I place paws on owner’s knee

I run around; zooming fast

I find squeaky toy; one which squeaks loud

I nudge food dish closer to owner

I speak my complaints in yodeling barks

And if those not work;

I put snout where it doesn’t belong:

Trash or food bags left out in easy reach