Leaf Piles

Raining leaves fallen from trees
Raked in piles high as knees
Children run through the yard
Darting between Autumn piles.

Time to jump in leaf piles
One, two, three go
Children jump spraying leaves
will start again with raking.

More 5 Autumn Haikus

Autumn howls aloud,
Wrestling the through trees saying
Here I am now.

Autumn brings forth the
Changing colors of leaves that
The drop to cold ground.

Leaves raked close to form
High piles for one to jump in
Or to Watch the fun.

Crisp air and leave fall
Bringing Autumn to open
Its way for next phrase.

Autumn leaves swirl, dance
Through breezy day, in the air
Then gently to fall.

Autumn Has Come

Autumn has come among us
Shorting ours days; increasing our night
Cool air gently blows in pushing the hot away
Leaves begin to fade; falling to the ground
They crackle as we walk among them
Trees reveal their naked branches
They begin to show their eerie side
With deformed hands that seem to
At nighttime beckoning us of what’s to come
In a few more months for winter
Smell of Apple butter; roasted corn
Tells me Autumn has come us finally