Marches Forward

Uncoiling like giant serpent, line of blue marches forward
Unwinding into lines of battle, moved into position
Moving forward across pastures and fences.
Wave after wave ocean of blue marches forward,
Towards the stone wall, toward the hill, towards enemy
Never getting close to breaking enemy lines.
Fall where they are, more march forward in their place,
Marching to steady drum, one two, one two
Only to be repulsed, to be beaten back very far.

High On Hill They Stood Their Ground

High on hill they stood their ground
To wait for enemy that would come around
Untrained colonists soon would see
Army of red coats march from sea
Waves and waves they march in rhythm
Up the hill to take the high ground
Bunker Hill their target was
To break the colonists spirit of independence
Colonists held their ground to show
That they were determined not to fold
They held on hard through the end
They lost a lot men for what they wanted to defend
And proved to all that they could stand
Against the might empire that had come in hand.
For British had heavy losses too
They were much surprised of what colonists could do
Upon Bunker Hill they fought to start the revolution
That started the war for their independence