Advice From A Beaver

Build dams, canals, and lodge homes at night
Always build another dam just in case
As it will provide deep water to protect against predators
Or float our food and building material.
Carry mud and stones with our fore-paws and timber between our teeth home.
Use powerful, sharp incisors for gnawing bark and felling trees.
Keep growing teeth sharp for they help with building and food;
Teeth won’t be worn down from chewing on wood.
Find wood of quaking aspen, cottonwood, willow, or birch they are good to eat;
Along with sedges and pondweed and water lilies.
Remember to store sticks, logs and other material in piles for later use.
Try to have territory in the riparian zone
For we are a keystone species creating wetlands, used by other species
And changing the landscape around us.
Make sure to have underwater entrance for lodge
Avoid coyotes, wolves and bears by using a dam for protection.
Use the alarm system by diving and forcefully slapping the with broad flat tail;
Other beavers will hear from great distance above and below water.
Then dive with webbed hind-feet and not reemerge until danger has past you by.
Stay out of the way of humans for they will hunt you by:
Taking your fur, your glands for medicine and perfume and because you harvest trees and flood the waterway.
Avoid moving on land in day for you move slowly;
Your eyesight is poor but have keen senses of hearing, smell and touch.
Swimming is the best for we excellent swimmers who can stay under water for 15 minutes.
End of the day cozy up in lodge;
Which has two dens: one for drying off and one where you live.
Don’t forget to make sure to repair dams and lodges as needed.

Beaver Taking Wood Away

Beaver taking wood away
to build a new house.
Somewhere along the creek bed
where water flows deep.

He took the wood from loose boards
found in a pile waiting
for our new house to be built;
before we can settle in our cozy den.

But why take our wood? There are trees
where you plan to build.

Finding wood from disappearing forest
at a cost is hard now for you making
us pay more to finish our house instead.