Where Sand And Ocean Meets

Cool waves lap against my feet
Sand pools around my ankles
Gritty sand seeps through toes
I am held fast by the current
Sand retreats back into ocean
I stand locked in place
Looking across vast ocean
Thinking what maybe beyond distance horizon
What is there for me to see?
Will I ever get there to find it?
I think of this, watching sunset befofe my eyes


Open To The World Beyond

Open your eyes to the world beyond
Nothing is the black and white;
You think or have believed in.
See the color that rains down.
Immerse yourself in its many shades
Each one different than the next.
Not one is same as the other
As they are their own special one
With what and who they want to be.

Beyond Our Skies

No one knows if they will come,
Out of the clouds from far away.
Will they be friendly or be they foe
We will never know.
We look up at the stars and wonder
If they will come from beyond.
Is there other life out there,
That is similar to our own.
Should we peruse our hunger
For what lies beyond our skies
Or should we not dabble
With what we still don’t understand.