The Blue Heron Always Flies Away

The blue heron always flies away
in early morning as I leave for work.
Try to be quiet going down stairs, he hears
heavy footsteps.
No, one else is out near my place:
just the lake and other wild animals in nature.
But, why do you come spending only short time at the lake?
Why not stay longer?
I ask, cause I seem to be the only one who rises early
and want to fly to work on time.

Wise Owl [Revision]

I wrote this poem back in 2013 and decided to revised it for the prompt today on a poem about an animal.

Beyond years a look so old
Resting in a tree high
A wise old owl is near.

Gazes out with black eyes like coal
Sits wise old owl upon his perch
Waiting and watching peacefully.

A catch of moment from below
Wise old owl takes keen interest
Waiting; staring for it appear.

Small animal darts out in fright
Now wings and talons now display
Wise old owl swoops down below
To find dinner is ready at last.

April 23nd prompt from this site

Set The Bird Free

Here is the strange and fascinating fact I used to help write a poem: Leonardo da Vinci was a vegetarian and animal rights activist, he would buy caged birds and set them free.

Tweet, I hear from the marketplace
I follow the sad sweet music to a stall
I look upon the sad face
It tweets the saddest tune
Locked in a cage the bird sits
I take my purse; produce a coin
I take the cage in my hand
I walk from the marketplace
Down we go to far away
An open field I finally stop
I open caged door
Fly free bird, fly free, take to the wind
I’ve done my duty to free the caged bird
Bird takes to wind; flaps it’s wings thank you
Then it is gone; another caged bird free

April 30 prompt from this site

Gentle Music The Bird Sings

Gentle music the bird sings
While on branches he sways away;
A song so melodious is what he brings.

He sings joyous and flaps his wings
He might do it all day;
Gentle music the bird sings.

I heard singing from the springs
The bird sang louder all the way;
A song so melodious is what he brings.

All night long the bird sings
A tune that carried on the airways
Gentle music the bird sings.

He is very good singing these things
I wish, I could join him in song today;
A song so melodious is what he brings.

Music didn’t die on the wings
He kept it up the next day;
Gentle music the bird sings
A song so melodious is what he brings.

Blue Heron

Early in morning he comes to lake
He stands motionless; watching all around him
He is slender with skinny legs standing in water
Dips his white head at the slightest noise
I see him almost every morning
Same location across the other side
He has come since first I saw him there
His blueish feathers beautiful
Against the green tall grass behind him
I am quiet as a mouse not to disturb is thinking
As I slowly bring my camera up
He lets me snap photos of him until
The hour is too hot or noise is too much
He soars into the air; glides away
Until I see him again tomorrow morning

5 Bird Haikus

Flutter wings above
Morning skies soars eagle
Crossing over sun.

Owl’s golden eyes peer
Out from hallow tree waiting
For evening dinner.

Small unseen birds on
Trees chirp their music for all
To hear their sweet songs.

Bare branch of winter
A blue jay perches a top
Waiting in the cold.

Loose feather falls down
From flapping wings of flying
Birds heading down south.