Pawing The Blanket

Blanket in living room waits for me
To curl up and nestle in
I approach, paw at the soft fabric
It was may just right for me to lay on
I paw that corner
Then paw another
I nudge my snout to help
With making my blanket comfortable
I paw again, is it right?
I turn around, and round
Until satisfy, I lay down content
Rest my head, now it’s time for sleep

Blanket Of Warmth

Enfold myself in a blanket of warmth.
Cozy and comfy wrapped around my being.
I lie in my bed in a state of repose
The touch of the smooth blanket around me.
The whim to stay under another minute or two,
I don’t want to leave the bed too soon.
Tenaciously I want to hold on,
Fearing once I leave, the cold will begin to settle in.
I wrap myself tighter within the blanket,
Knowing the warmth will not leave me today.
But I must leave for today, for it is another day,
Of many plentiful things to do,
But, lo to leave the warmth of the blanket,
Is the hardest thing one can do.