Car Rides Empty Of Dog

No more car rides with my dog
Back seat is empty where she once lie
No dog looking out window
Or raising snout for a quick whiff
When window was down
Dog cover is still on
Still has scent and fur upon it
Ever so often strand of fur flies to front seat
I look in rear mirror to see if she is there
But, no dog lies in back seat anymore

Wanting A Car

I turned sixteen in humid summer months
Wished for a car for my birthday
Hoping for one to make me feel independent;
To let me go where I wanted to go
Not be tied down by parent or friend
I didn’t care if were old or new
Just my own car for me to use
No, car for me waited on birthday day;
No, note to say we would find one;
No, spoken words about getting a car
Sad disappointment that I would have to wait
Who would know when I would get a car for myself

April 27th Prompt: Write about something you wanted when you were 16 years old that you never got. Or, write about something you wanted and got at that age but didn’t expect.

Face Of A Car

Faces look out with huge clear eyes
Each different because of size and shape.
Their smooth shiny skin reflect rays of light
The faces of some have grilled teeth huge or small
Others have barely none at all.
Some look like they smile while others look neutral.
They wait silently as we walk up and down
Trying to decide which one we should take home.
They just stare at us blankly
No expression in their face.

Used Car

In dealer parking lot she waited
White frame, black tires shining
Her frame only three years
Miles low of what you expect
From an older person driving her
My hand glides a top he seats
Soft to touch, still new
She nervously waits;
I get in to test drive her
Not bad for a used car
I paid for her;
She is mine;
I ended up getting ten years
Of driving her around

April poetry month has started. My library sends out a newsletter and a poem to write. Today is write; Beginnings: Write a poem about a first in your life, such as having a first child, first looking into Chapman’s Homer, or tasting a cannoli for the first time. Do not use the word “first,” “one” or “beginning.” Do not use the phrase “for starters.”

Why Must You Leave Me

Why must you leave me?
I’ve known you for nine years long.
We’ve been everywhere together you and I.
We’ve traveled far and near
Round every curve and bend.

I saw you sitting there my senior year
You were the one I wanted.
You had everything I wanted in a car.
You were sporty and white
Shining your white body in the gleaming light.

I didn’t mind that you had been used.
For I knew I would use you well.
I saw you through your needs
And through all your oil tune ups
I know you were always in need.

We were there to when you hit the milestone
All the digits had now been used.
Your time was coming to end
I hoped it would not come too soon
To say good-bye to you.

Just the other day
You struggled to drive me home.
Had to take you in
The next day told nothing could be done
To fix you to your former glory.

Now we must part and say good-bye
But how can I?
Since you have been a part of my life nine years long
I will miss you and the way you drove me around
My first car I own, I will miss that you will be gone.