Favorite Toy: Puzzles

Learned my love from puzzles young
Just sitting on the floor holding pieces
Just testing out by trial and error
Getting excited when I found one
Matching correct pieces that go together

At threes years old I held the piece
Turned it one way; then another
A big piece to fit with nine others
Try it in one area; it will not go
Try another it finally fits

At seven years old I held the piece
The one I knew would fit 100-piece puzzle
Smaller than I had at three
Turned it once and found the spot
Connected it in and it’s a fit

Another I’m older I hold a piece
Gleam from over from 1,000 pieces
Picked it up; eyed it carefully
Turn it once the other way
I still to do puzzle still today

Sleep My Child [Revision]

Go to sleep my child,
For the night is very cold.
I will watch over thee,
And guard you in my hold.
You are very small right now,
So I will guard you well.
I hope that when I am old,
I will be guarded just as well.

Go to sleep my child,
For you are drowsy I see.
I will be here in the morning,
When you rise and greet me.
In the night I will be near,
In case you wake and need me.
Just remember I am here,
To keep you cozy and comfy.

Looking Through The Window

I look out back window and a young child
of eight, running bases around the yard
wearing ball cap is my young self twenty-five years ago.
Laughing, having fun with cousins
chasing, hitting balls, playing baseball
not knowing in few years life will change;
puberty will come striking like a coiling snake
changing their life molding it into something else.

I want to step into the scene
tell myself not to worry;
to give advice about what will happen;
give hope to this happy child
before the happiness drains ways;
withering like a flower in hot dry sun.

I want to open the window
shout out stand up for yourself
but, no words come out of my mouth;
you are out of ear shot, as I watch
you enjoy your game of ball,
not knowing the hyenas will be nipping
at you heels in a few years.

Child Will You Not Sleep

Child will you not sleep for time is dark
The evening draws near to tuck you in
For you must rest and dream.

Child will you not sleep for tomorrow
Draws close and sun will come again
To shine down and welcome the new day.

Child will you not sleep for when you don’t
Your pouts and fits carry with out rest
You need so much now.

Child will you not sleep for I grow weary
And wish to lay my head down to rest
For sleep comes to me also.

Come join me too in sleep my child
We will both lay down together
Sleep peacefully till sun wakes us again.

Dearest Child

Dearest child of my heart
I wish I could give you all I know.
You are my life of the world.
The apple of my eye;
The smiles when times are blue.
I wish I could give you the stars from the sky
That remind me of your twinkling eyes.
I would catch the stars that shine so bright
And let you keep them until they lose light.
Then together we will throw them back to the sky;
Cause I know you would rather not let them die.
I wish I could keep you as a child still
With your youthful light shining through
But soon I know;
I will have to watch you grow;
Leaving your childhood behind
To start the chapter of your life too soon.

Babe Is Born

A babe is born on Christmas Day
In a lowly manger he now lays.
Surrounded by his parents proud with joy
As animals standby with noises of praise.
He is the one who will give the world light.
For all who want to hear his voice.
For he was born on Christmas Day
He is the one who will make the world right.
Shepherds with sheep came to see the sleeping babe;
Took with them praises of joy that special day.
Wise men travel from afar, bearing gifts to the new born babe;
They gave gifts that only kings could receive
For this they knew one day the babe was to be special indeed.
A babe is born on Christmas Day
Sing praises now this glorious day.

Over Stable Yonder

A single bright star
Rests its weary traveling head
Over stable yonder.

From a distant land
This bright star traveled afar
To rest at stable bare.

Wondrous light shines
Down through open wooden stable door
For who is inside.

Tiny baby boy
Wrapped in his swaddling clothes
Lies in a manger.

To which this bright star
Shines proudly above stable
On this Christmas day.