5 Haikus of Charleston

Southern belle she was
Until war ravaged her streets
She emerge greatly

Ocean front side view
Rainbow color fronts line street
Take photos of homes

Out in harbor lies
An old fort gone through wars, now
Historical site

Historical homes
Lie hidden between the new
Try to seek them out

Old city with charm
Founded sixteen seventy
History galore

Streets Have Uneasy Night

City shuts its lighted eyes close
One eye than the next dims
Until the streets of city fall asleep
They slumber in unease sleep
Making uttering noises as they toss and turn
Which are old cars and trucks coughing down roadway
Streets sleel through rough dreams
Hoping tomorrow night will be less traffic;
Easy sleep at end of the day

5 Haikus Of Savannah

Hanging moss trees dot
Historic town old beyond
Years what they have seen

City arise from
Ash from the Civil War to
Become tourist place

Ghosts stroll street around
Many old historic inns
Some prank on humans

A cobblestone street
Still seen at bank of river
Holds quaint shops to find

Southern atmosphere
Brings out a picturesque charm
In historic town

5 Haikus of Philadelphia

No cellphones brought through
Mint doors to watch; take tour of
Money being made

One old single street
Still has cobble stones where you
Walk historic path

Behind glass; not touched
Has a large crack in its frame
From time long ago

Document signed
By men now famous in room–
Independence Hall

Walk streets at night, find
Historic ghosts prowling where
nation was founded

5 Haikus of Boston

We walk the red line
Past historic sites of old–
One mile more to go

Historic sites stand
The testament of time from
Early beginnings

Landfills destoryed where
Once tea was thrown overboard
Many years in past

Historic ghosts creep
Upon Boston Commons for
Midnight talk and stroll

Traffic bloated as
Cars drive to work even through
They now have Big Dig

April 4th Prompt: Write five haikus on any city but Cleveland, or write one haiku on five cities other than Cleveland.

City Becomes Awake

Skies are dark in early morning
City along winding river sleeps
Only little noise, not enough to wake
Rush of red taillights steak through
Awakes the sleeping giant
Until city buzzes alive
With morning sounds of taffic;
People walking noisily on street
Curtain eyes open windows wide
Light peaks in to new day
City shades its eyes against sunrise
Opens its arms to people and traffic today

City’s Morning Coffee

When city comes alive in early morning
Its brews a melting pot bubbling to the top
Of nice hot coffee; sipping as
Bringing the streets alive with workers
Walking, busing their way to work
City street rings loud with lion roaring crowds
As city talks to itself in morning rush
Sun raises high, city basks in the glow
Watching over Lake Erie complementing her next move
On where to expand or who will be the next
To move the aging city further in a future
Bright and brimming as the sunrise
Shines on steel buildings rising high in sky
They seem to show a twinkle in their eye
Then morning rush is over
Cleveland sits backs to enjoy the quiet
Until day is over the melting pot leaves scatters homeward
Til city wakes up and for morning coffee again

April 7, 2015 Poetry: Compose a poem about Cleveland, in which you use five metaphors comparing Cleveland to something else.

City I Recant You

I have not lived by dazzling lights in night
Twinkling starlight, not found on the highways.
I have not lived among crowded walkways.
I don’t seek to be famous in limelight.
I am not an obsessive clothes shopper
Living crammed between sandwich houses
Have cause no heartbreak in the wee night hours
I have eaten fine steamed fresh lobster but
Tucked quietly away in local joint.
Open air I breathe life, no blocked skies
I live for grassy fields, as I surmise
A look to distant sky, the vantage point
I am cozy with a good book tonight
Gazing out open porch on starry night.