Bring To A Close

Bring to a close the evening sun
Nestled high above the clouds
Your hand stretches out to touch it
You turn its golden globe orb
Stand back and watch it glide down ever slowly.
Watch it sink below the clouds.
The rays dim the sky as darkness draws near.
You pluck the moon from its morning sleep.
Setting it high to where the sun now gone from sight.
Your job is done;
You rest until the time is needed for the sun to rise again.

I Close My Eyes

I close my eyes darkness over takes me.
The entry of sleep fills my weary head.
Down into the dark sleeping tunnel I drift onward
To where dreams may come.
Like the rushing of rivers
My dreams fill the empty dark void.
They gather around me like a cloak.
One by one they play like a movie inside my head.
Filling my hours of sleep
Dreams play as many as they can reach out with their hand.
Slowly the stir of movement begins to awaken
Dreams begin to melt together
One merging into the other
Like the washing paintbrushes in water.
Dreams vanish beneath the blackness once more
As eyes wake to a new day.