Gloomy Clouds

Clouds with dark grayish swirl of white
Drift in like an unwelcome guest
Ready to unload all its grief on you
Which comes down as raining tears as they
Tell you what has been happening in their life
Traveling from one end to the other
Until their tears dry out
And their gloomy color fades back
To their white puffy happy self once more

5 Haikus Clouds

Cotton puffy clouds
Drift aimless across morning
Light blue quite skies.

Clouds billow up to
Form a raging gray rain storm
Filled with rain droplets.

Clouds in the sky take
On shapes of animals or
Objects which float by.

Wispy clouds streak in
Sky like a sketch drawing, one
By Mother Nature.

Drifting across sky
Clouds take their time reaching to
Their destination.

View Clouds

I view clouds crossing the sky
Slowly moving like turtles but only white
No one cloud strikes the same pose
As they glide along silently all together
One looks like a mountain;
Another like a raging dragon about to fly away
To a cloud which looks like its lair
Clouds move to different images
They are all different but made up of same material
In the end they keep us smiling
With their images in the sky

White Desert In The Sky

Stretch out for many miles from above
Reaches the white desert in the sky.
Fluffy white caps like snow
Is the desert in the sky I see.
Its sands like puffy cotton balls
Strung out far and wide
Like a bridge with many beds;
Look to comfy to sleep upon the open sky.
I watch across the white desert in the sky;
Out of the window as I fly by.
See it stretch for many miles wide
As its looks like the sea touching the sky.


Wispy white they glide through my sight.
So soft they float through the sky so light.
They change their shape with a wink of an eye.
That what I see gives me a big sigh.
Slowly they move throughout the day.
That I wish I could keep some at bay.
For they are a wondrous creation of the most high.
I hope someday to ask God why.