Coat On The Wall

I put a coat on the wall
For it was feeling cold to touch
I thought a coat would make it warm
After I took coat off wall
The wall was still feeling the same
I put multiple coats on
Hoping a bundle of them would help
Still later when I checked
Wall was still cold to the touch

April 11th Prompt: Write a poem in which you confuse the meanings of a word that has more than one meaning, such as bridge (a game or a span over a river), coat (a garment or a layer of paint), birdie (an animal or golf term) L’Albatros (the bird, golf term, poem, problem or Cleveland restaurant) — or any other such word you can think of.

Furry Coat

She looks so warm in furry coat
Weather of winter doesn’t faze her
I look at her– “can I have that fur from thee?”
She looks up upon my question,
Head tilt she sighs to give an answer
“No, my fur is attached to me,
All zippered up the zipper tucked neatly,
Within the fold of fur you will not find.
I can’t take off unless you fur cut my fur
I won’t allow it, for I need my fur.”
“Guess I’ll be content then to snuggle with you”
“Fine with me,” she agrees
As she puts her furry self towards me.