Coat On The Wall

I put a coat on the wall
For it was feeling cold to touch
I thought a coat would make it warm
After I took coat off wall
The wall was still feeling the same
I put multiple coats on
Hoping a bundle of them would help
Still later when I checked
Wall was still cold to the touch

April 11th Prompt: Write a poem in which you confuse the meanings of a word that has more than one meaning, such as bridge (a game or a span over a river), coat (a garment or a layer of paint), birdie (an animal or golf term) L’Albatros (the bird, golf term, poem, problem or Cleveland restaurant) — or any other such word you can think of.

Miss Going Out In Winter With Dog

My companion,
I wish you were here
To see snow falling out there.
Your favorite time of year
For your coat was made for it.
I would take you out
You would eat snow
Enjoying a fresh treat;
Then run rocket dog
Up and down and around
On large lawn across the street.
Oh, how I will miss our winter together.
You and me outside
Whether blizzard, ice or cold
We would waddle through snow together.

Dearest Winter

Winter, I loath to see you continue bringing forth your snow.
I am tired of the cold and endless bleak days.
You have made life dark and sluggish.
I can’t seem to work through your season.
Your snowflakes are beautiful, but to drive when it’s blizzard;
Causes me not to want to step outdoors.
Snowy landscape of course is nice but only for a few days I will admire.
Could you try not to make it so cold (as in negative ten degrees)?
I am fine with fifteen degrees but less it can not be;
For who wants to be out in that kind weather
But, I must because I have dog.
Could you think on it for next year please?
I am glad you did make Christmas Eve have some snow.
For it has always been special when it happens.
I am done with your cold, freezing and bleak days.
Can please allow Spring to come forth now?