Ode To Colors – Update

An update on the book. Good news, my book “Ode To Colors” has been published along with the kindle version. You can find the paperback version either on Amazon or CreateSpace. It is also on some other channels too like Amazon Europe and other offline and online retailers.

Amazon link for book: https://www.amazon.com/Ode-Colors-Selected-N-Hasen/dp/1535089407/ref=sr_1_7?ie=UTF8&qid=1478659841&sr=8-7&keywords=ode+to+colors

Amazon link for e-book: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01N07BV8H/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1478822005&sr=1-1&keywords=ode+to+colors

CreateSpace link: https://www.createspace.com/6397515
I have promo codes for this site for “preferred customers”: 25% with code 2KLXBDZ4

I have some current books in the works right now. Next year they maybe coming out.

On The Beach

White sandy beaches stretch for miles
Never ending, they go on and on.
Blue, teal ocean waters are calm
With gently rolling white cap waves
Moving in and out; in and out.
A green frilly palm tree on edge of beach asks,
Why can’t I be closer to the ocean
and enjoy the breezes of the wind there.

While a brown shelled crab dances sideways
Down the never ending beach
Between rows and rows of towels,
Each different with color designs.
Crab keeps going until he finds
The one place he can get away
From the hustle and bustle
Of many people on the beach.

Many Colors

Many colors swirl around me everyday
I see their hues– some light; some dark
Some change with each season
I see colors in nature
From green grass to blue rivers
I see colors in buildings
From rusty red bricks to gray steel
I see colors from every corner
From box of crayons to a can of paint
Colors surround me day and night
I live and breathe colors
From black night to light blue days
Colors rules the picture
Of what I see from eyes

Ode To Black And White

Salt and pepper.
Crossword puzzle. Word searches.
Othello game pieces. Chess pieces.
Checkerboard. Dice. Dominoes.
Adult dalmatian dog. Border collie playing.
Universal product code. Code scanner.
Playing on a keyboard. Reading a newspaper.
Background and words on one way signs.
Football referee uniform. Soccer ball.
Zebra longwing butterfly. Zebra swallowtail butterfly.
Early years of photography prints.
Whole mushrooms covered in dirt.
Pirate flag flying in the breeze.
Swimming orcas. Wadding emperor penguins. Puffins.
A nun’s attire. Bride and Groom together.
Tuxedo cats. Ragamuffin. Felix the Cat.
Watching movies from the early 20s.
Watching TV sets from early 40s.
Zebras confusing predators.
Tapir. Cow. Stinky skunk.
Panda bear

Ode To Pink

Rose. Tulip. Cherry blossoms.
Rose quartz. Morganite.
A ballerina’s tutu. Ballet shoes.
Skin of a newborn baby. Baby girl’s room.
Inside of Victoria’s Secret store.
Cotton candy. Inside of a raspberry rose soufflé.
Cherry limeade sorbet. Cherry cordial macarons.
Lip stick. Tongue. Bubble gum.
Piglets. Pigs. Queen conch.
Naked mole-rats. Web-footed gecko.
Ham. Shrimp. Salmon.
Breast cancer ribbons.
Nudibranch a marine gastropod mollusk.
Known as color of love. Associated with femininity.
Amazon river dolphin. Sea anemone.
Bunny costume Ralphie wore from Christmas Story.
Jackets the ladies wore in Grease.
Flamingos. Roseate spoonbill. Axolotl.
Portuguese man-of-war. Katydid nymphs.
Bargibant’s pygmy seahorse.
Elephant hawk moth.
Orchid mantis.

Colored Patchwork

Stitched together from squares of colored patchwork
A homemade quilt lies folded upon the bed
Each square unique in some way to tell a story maybe
Or to display the objects that one loved
Who wanted to embroidered them in quilt which would last a life time
A yellow sun to brighten the day;
A forest of green trees of where one traveled;
A pink and blue iris in bloom;
A black curly coated dog;
A orange pumpkin with a black smile;
A red heart of love;
Just a few squares that lie imprinted upon the homemade quilt
Embroidered with love many years ago

Ode To White

Snow leopard
Arctic fox. Polar bears.
Snow. Ice. Frost. Igloo.
Sheet of paper. Envelopes.
Lab coats. Chef’s hat. Navy uniform.
Old man beard. Bleach blond hair.
Teeth. Toothbrush bristles. Dental floss.
Baking Powder. Powder sugar. Baking soda.
Cottage cheese. Cream cheese. Milk. Cauliflower.
Elephant’s ivory tusks that are worth too much.
Penguin bellies sliding on snow.
Puffy clouds in sky. Sunlight streaming down.
Dove. Seagulls. Chinese Egret.
Ghosts that go boo. Magical unicorn too.
Vanilla ice cream. Whip cream. Sour cream.
Marshmallows. Popcorn.
Inside a York peppermint patty.
First aid tape for sprain ankle.
Cast for broken bones.
Styrofoam. Blank billboards.
Background of product barcode.
Winter. Snowflakes.
Ice rink floor. Crosswalk.
USPS mail trucks. Presidential Mansion.
Rabbit. Sheep. Goat. Swan. Ducks. Chickens. Egg shells.
Dalmatian puppy without spots.
Golf Balls. Candle wax. Kleenex.
Toilet. Toilet paper. Lots of shaving cream.
Talc. Chalk for chalkboards.
Picket Fence. Weddings. Ocean foam.
Expensive lace. Pricey pearls.
Ancient bones in a desert.
Salt. Rice. Mayo on a sandwich.
Harvesting cotton from the field.
Calcium. Zinc.
Quartz. Limestone.
Beluga whale.