One Magic Night

Under a waxing moon so bright
I saw a shimmering light
In deep dark forest yonder
I heard small voices maunder
I crept silently not to make a sound
Until I reached center forest and found
Faeries, dryads, sprites and more
Dancing around bonfire on forest floor
Magic trailed behind them as they dance
Swaying back and forth as they prance
My eyes grew heavy as they spin
minutes turn to hours when
A magic portal opened near
I saw a land so free from drear
I longed to walk though and look
But one by one magic creatures took
A leap though portal; then were gone
Because of the coming of dawn
Snap of fingers portal disappears
Now forest is quiet and bare

April 8 prompt from this site


Doing The Twist

Let’s get together and do The Twist
Don’t really need a partner for this
Get yourself loose, don’t be uptight
For tonight it is time to dance all night
Twist your body to the left, too the right
Shake, pivot a foot; you are doing great
Shake your arms as you twist
Don’t have your hands in a fist
Follow the song to “Twist and Shout”
Keep on dancing till lights go out

April 17th prompt: Write a poem about a dance fad. Wikipedia lists more than 90 dance fads: as old as the hokey pokey, as 1960s as the twist, as bad as the line dance to “Achy Breaky Heart” and as 21st century as “Gangnam Style.” Surely you can find one you can write about – even if you can’t dance.