On Tuesday A Job Offer

Few months back I recall
On Tuesday received a call did I
A job offer for new job for me.
Caller explained on Tuesday
What the offer entailed.
Stunned I was to say the least
Speechless beyond words to say.
Told the day I could start
I thanked him and we hung up.
Rest of Tuesday I felt on cloud nine
Over the moon for a new job
Which would be started soon.

April 14th 2016 Poem: Throw-Back Thursday or Monday-Monday: Write a poem about something that happened to you on a day (not date) that seems significant, Monday or Thursday or any other day of the week, but state the day three times in the poem.

Under A Shady Tree

Under a shady tree I rest
looking as the sun begins
to sink below horizon.

Blue skies changes colors
to darker blue; sun becomes
orange, red blending in
colors along with darken skies.

Sun now gone below to sleep;
skies now black it is night
stars have come out.

Moon rises high above the night skies;
I watch looking up, admiring beauty as
day becomes night blending its colors
from one to the other in perfect time.

Bring To A Close

Bring to a close the evening sun
Nestled high above the clouds
Your hand stretches out to touch it
You turn its golden globe orb
Stand back and watch it glide down ever slowly.
Watch it sink below the clouds.
The rays dim the sky as darkness draws near.
You pluck the moon from its morning sleep.
Setting it high to where the sun now gone from sight.
Your job is done;
You rest until the time is needed for the sun to rise again.