Double Elevenie: Dog Petting

Is lounging
Living room floor
contently chilling on side

Kneeling down
Living room floor
Hand petting the dog


My Dog Is A Child

My dog is a child
she clings to me
when she see strangers.

She runs behinds me
peers around shy
not sure what to make of them.

She looks curiously on
looks to me for guidance.

I encourage as she
takes tentative steps
to meet the stranger.

Window Craze [Rewrite]

I sit, staring out window.
Watching who is passing by.
Nothing escapes my watchful eye.
So, alert,
So tense,
I finally see something of fancy;
Placing two front paws on window sill.
I poke my snout so close to window;
I leave my breath mark.
Out a bark comes, then another;
Then a whine I begin to vent;
Venting my frustration that is inside me.
Wishing to be outside instead.
A push off window,
Off I go, running around house.
Back to window To see if it is there.
Yes it is and here I go;
Repeat of my venting
As I run around some more.
I am a crazy window watcher,
Who loves to see what is going on.

This is rewrite from the poem written on January 7, 2013

April 30th Prompt: Take an old poem of yours, even one from the past 29 days, and rewrite it by using a different form, point of view, a more arcane vocabulary, or a simpler vocabulary.

Trying To Chase Cat

The scent enters my nostrils
I inhale deeply categorizing the scent
It hits me and know before I see it
I slink forward on my paws
Cool breeze rustles my fur
As it seem to stand on end
Silent I try to approach
I see it move quickly way
Through my eyes in semi-color
I see that cat;
Her tail flicking back and forth
I huff out my bark;
Short crisp, to the point
I huff again hearing my voice
Rise an extra pitch to tell cat
What I think I of chasing her
My paws prance on pavement
As I continue forward
Pavement hot between my pads
I ignore as I finally run
To chase cat ahead of me
She runs away as I try to move faster
But, owner keeps me from the chase
I a huff, I stop near grass
Bend down tear off a piece
A little dry and sweet in texture
But OK for me to continue to eat
As my query got away from me

April 26 prompt from this site

Dog Dislike Traffic

Cars wiz by quickly
Zooming pass as dog and I walk
Down sidewalk I am unfazed
My dog stops looks around
Sound of traffic to loud for her ears
She doesn’t enjoy high sounds
Her mouth quivers as she turns head
I coax her on to our destination
She finallys follows as I lead the way

April 23 prompt from this site