Can I Have One More Treats, Please

Can I have one more treato, please?
I have been good you know.
I went through training commands
I did all the tricks you taught me.
I didn’t complain after dinner time.
Yet, you close the bag;
You placed it out of paws reach.
I just look with sad eyes pleading.
Just one more please;
Just one more before it bed time.
But, you say no
And that I have eaten enough.
I plead once again:
Can I just have one more treato, please?

Relax Before Bed

Soft white fur

Velvet silky coat

Double layer

Ready for winter

Yet winter not here

I pet coat

Stroke my hands

Through softness

Fur parts like

Blades of grass

I am calmed

She is relaxed

Until she says it’s over

Another Birthday Without You

A year since you have passed
Your birthday with you gone
Always two days before Christmas
I wished you a happy birthday today
Looked at your smiling pictures
Hoping you were having a birthday
Up above filled with everything you loved
I hoped you are window watching
Eating ice cream to last drop
Frockling in the snow to your delight
Having the best birthday ever
I hung up your in memory ornament
Wished you a happy birthday again
Only missing a chance to pet your fur