Shopping At Pet Friendly Store

I walk into store
You lift me up,
I’m place in a box.
It rolls forward.
What weird box it is this?
You say it is cart.
You stop at objects,
You check them out careful.
I do not understand this.
Why are you placing in cart?
We go around,
Until you are done.
We stand behind people.
We wait out turn.
You place objects on counter.
You pull out card and pay.
We leave you rolling me out door.
This wasn’t bad,
Can we come back sometime again.

Kana shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond.


A Fur Strand

My remote fell from chair.
I went to pick it up near the wall.
There between edges of carpet
I found a piece your creme brulee fur.
I picked the strand and held it between my fingers.
I looked at how it went white to brown.
Strand of fur was near where you loved to lay near chair.
I sighed remembering how much I missed you;
You were my friend and companion.
I placed the fur on your memory rock,
Letting you know I was thinking about you;
Hoping you would bound in with your smile
And ask me to pet and massage your furry coat.

Going To Art Fest

Small creamy dog walks down street
People stop to ask if they can greet
Owner says yes as dog allows the pets
She smiles enjoying all the pats
Some take a guess of her breed
Others know right off the bat
Everyone notices her calm demeanor
As owner looks at art and crafts
She loves the attention that she gets
As she is allow to go to an art fest event

Sharing Vegetables

I smell fresh steamed veggies from kitchen.
I see you load them on white plate.
I watch you carry towards table
Once seated you begin to eat.
I come over placing front paws on chair.
Please share your green broccoli with me.
You see my pleading eyes.
You know certain veggies are good for dogs.
You find small pieces to give out.
You have me work for food.
I sit and stay for you.
I look at you when you say “Kana watch me”.
Each piece is so good.
Then I’m done; waiting for you to finish dinner.

Collection Of Dog Poetry Vol III Published

Good news, my book “Collection Of Dog Poetry: Poem About Dogs Vol III” has been published. You can find the paperback version either on Amazon or search for it at other online retailers.  The kindle version is also out for purchase on Amazon or by search.

Amazon link for both Paperback and eBook can be found here:

Throughout the year there will be Amazon eBook promotions and maybe paperback one too. Look for new poetry books down the road.

Not A Stereotypical Shiba

I love to meet people.
I go up; say hi to everyone.
I love to meet dogs.
I go up unless their owner says no.
I am friendly with everyone I meet.
I am not your stereotypical Shiba.
They say Shibas are wary of strangers.
They say Shibas are picky with certain dogs.
They say Shibas are aloof.
I have prove them wrong.
I was a puppy mill momma dog.
I lived in cage for five years.
They say I should be more afraid of people.
They say I should have been more scare.
They say I shouldn’t have been able to adjust so quickly.
I have prove them wrong.
I am a curious Shiba.
I am independent like they say.
I am a confident Shiba.
I like to cause mischief.
And I am not your stereotypical Shiba.