It’s A Photo Shoot

Ten stuff hearts with words
Pink heart bandana
Add dog to the mix
Place hearts around her
Camera and lots of treats
It’s a photo shoot
For Valentine’s Day card

Shiba Inu Acrostic

She is a special Shiba
Her ears feel like velvet
In my home she is blossoming
Broccoli her favorite healthy snack
A rescue who found her forever home
I am her person; she follows me around
New to toys and different experiences
Unique, a little sassy; for that I love her

Dog Walk Haiku Sonnet

Dog waits by the door
As harness is buckled on
Ready for outside

Down the stairs we go
We start our walk around and
Keep to edge of street

Down the road we go
She stops; sniffs, then answer call
Walk and stop some more

Around cul-de-sac
We continue walk with stops
She enjoys outside

Must finish walk now
We need to eat chow

Can I Have One More Treat, Please

Can I have one more treato, please?
I have been good you know.
I went through training commands
I did all the tricks you taught me.
I didn’t complain after dinner time.
Yet, you close the bag;
You placed it out of paws reach.
I just look with sad eyes pleading.
Just one more please;
Just one more before it bed time.
But, you say no
And that I have eaten enough.
I plead once again:
Can I just have one more treato, please?