Would Have It Made

He thought he would have it made
For he had a plan started long ago
Only to have his dreams fade

Everything was set and surveyed
As his life began to show
He thought he would have it made

Dreams are not easy to persuade
Whether or not he will know
Only to have his dreams fade

Unfortunately one time he strayed
All from one night and a photo
He thought he would have it made

Life was now weighed
Could he regain the flow
Only to have his dreams fade

Now he has had to paid
For this is no way to go solo
He thought he would have it made
Only to have his dreams fade

April 5th prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

Dream of Rowboat And A Shark

Your dream, you vividly remember.
A rowboat upon the choppy waves
Trying to out pace shark lurking;
Swimming around the rowboat.
Does it mean bad things ahead.
Maybe failing to reach the other end
Being swallowed by larger enemies.
Or perhaps a death will come
From one you are close too
As they journey to across the other side.
Or maybe bad days where here
But good days will row into the future.
We will see what happens next in days ahead.

April 14 prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

Thoughts Arise

The thoughts that arise in me.
Like currents journeying through the windless deep.
And everything but sleep.
They are quiet, as under the sea.
Dreamers, mark the honey bee;
Full of sweet dreams, and health and quiet breathing
And catch the burning sparks that fly
Yet it well might be that never be for me.

John Clare: “Song’s Eternity”
George Meredith: “Dirge in Woods”
Alfred, Lord Tennyson: “Break, Break, Break”
Willam Cullen Bryant: “The Poet”
Algernon Charles Swinburne “The Garden of Proserpine”
Margaret E. Sangster: “Our Own”
John Keats: “A Thing of Beauty”
Henry Wandsworth Longfellow: “The Village Blacksmith”

April 5th Prompt: A cento is a poem composed of lines from various sources, pieced together like a quilt – as its name in Latin, “patchwork,” suggests. If you’ve been keeping a notebook, you can mine it to write a cento. If not, go on the lookout for many disparate lines and then stitch them up into a poem.

And These Are My Dreams:

To be on a work schedule of my choosing
With an engaging, fun career making enough money
For a comfortable lifestyle;
Living in a ranch-style house
With a family including a dog or two,
Finding time to travel the ends of the world
Hoping to get lost in the history of seeing new cultures
Inspiring me to learn;
Perhaps back to school surrounded by never ending knowledge,
That I can choose to become who I am meant to be
In this world knowing,
One day Earth will be a happier, better place
As when I was a child I would lie in bed
Each night running over stories, movies
That had dreams come true
Hoping my dreams one day would do the same also.

Let Me Dream

Let me dream tonight of distant cities
Let me dream of adventures big or small
Will I dance I upon the clouds
Will I dance with fairies around the great oak
What will I dream tonight, I do not know
Will my dreams be present, past or furture
Or will they come like book of unknown characters
What will I dream in dreamland tonight
I won’t know until I’m deep with sleep

Dream Beneath The Stars

I lay my head down beneath the stars
And dream of dreams both big and small
With shining stars that twinkle bright
The glowing moon gives out a warm light
They guide me through my dreams
As I dance upon a rainbow;
Or when I fly along with eagles
To face many adventures unknown.
To seek, to fight a dragon
Or climb to the moon on a mountain of books
My dreams take me through the night
Through flowing rivers on a raft
Or look for treasure in the jungle thick.
With stardust dancing as we dance along
The night begins to sing its last song
One more dream before the sun comes up
Moon picks me up and wraps me tight
I lay my head down beneath the stars
And dream my last dream with smiling delight.