Loss of Hardest Puzzle

I looked for my puzzle upon the shelf
Down in basement where I hadn’t been
At my Grandma’s house few months back.
I tried to find its purple border cover
With picture of star constellations
Dotting black night sky.
I wanted to get it out
Bring it into work
To show my puzzle companions
How hard it was to do.
But no, I couldn’t find it.
I looked to where I thought it was
I opened shelf doors; I peeked under
Stacks of old paper to no avail.
It is now loss perhaps thrown out.
I remember how hard it was.
Would take me months to do by myself.
It was hardest challenge of puzzle I had ever done.
I would be proud when I finished.
For every piece was black with
Only speckling of light colors
Which be rings or form a constellation.
I would pour over every piece
Trying to connect to finish picture.
It brought me a sense of accomplishment
When I would place the last piece in.
Now I know there are other puzzles
Some as challenging as the one I lost.
At least I have memories of
Working on the puzzle during summer months.
It was a puzzle that always kept me busy.
The puzzle will always be why
I enjoyed putting puzzles together all my life.

April 30th Prompt: Write an elegy to an object you or someone else lost and never found.

Elegy of My Dog

Numbness I felt as dead weights
As I removed your purple coat
From around your body;
Along with your purple collar
Which would jingle to announce your arrival.
I held them close to my chest
When I left you lying on the cold vet’s floor
Wrapped in favorite beige blanket
Which I would use to place on you in cold winters.
I breathe in your coat;
Touch my fingers to the inside
Seeking out any loose fur
Caught in its fleece lining
Only fur that still carried your scent.
Your collar is now silent
Jingling has stopped
No tinkling when it make again.
My world was turned upside down
I walked as if empty of life
In weeks and months that followed.
I would look for you among your favorite haunts
Hoping to catch your smiling face
Or the look of independence you craved so much.
The pain has dulled now
But returns sometimes as a rushing river
Over flowing out oceans or lakes.
I know somehow you are close by.
Silent as ever you were in life.
Only you told me what you wanted with your eyes
And now they are closed forever
As you sleep bathe in the sunlight of your favorite spot.

April 18th prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

Memories of A Best Friend: My Dog Chelsey

Before holidays she passed from this world.
Sleeping in her walking outfit ready for a walk.
I miss four paws padding their way from room to room.
A walk schedule drawn to a halt; no dog to take outside.
Collar lies on an empty bed; no dog to hear jingling of tags.
Tears for one I really miss now on a cold lonely night.
I cuddled her one last time before she parted;
As I pictured her pushing me away with a paw;
No cuddles she liked at all.
She rests in peace her journey now done.
No more pictures of her; showing her gorgeous grin
The dog model has left the building in style with a scarf;
Her tail curled as she left me with many pictures and memories.
How I miss every inch of you; wishing to pet you once more.

Ten long years we were together.
You pulled me through my ups and down.
Gave me your fur for me to pet; when needed comfort.
You made laugh as you zoomed around from room to room;
Sometime with a stuff toy in your mouth.
Even when you were a senior you enjoy your toys.
Your smile always brightened my gloomy days.
Our walks were always something entertaining;
Whether or not of what animals we would encounter and chase.
You were silent; showed your love in many ways.
Going out; everyone commented on how pretty you were.
You were the one to get me out of the home more.
I will remember you my friend forever
Through many photos and writings I have done of you.

With having you in my life; I will be ready when time is right
To bring another pup into my home.
You gave me time and patience with being my first dog I ever own.
For I learned from you as you learned from me,
I know now more to love another animal then before.
Another one will come; maybe you will even help choose;
For you know which one will mend a broken heart.
To make me whole and happy again.
I will always miss you, my best friend, the first you will always be
You just wait in heaven and someday I will see you again soon.

Elegy of Grandpa

I never knew you well
Taken away on death’s wings
When I was only four
You would never watch me grow-up
I would never get to hear your stories
Or continue to seeing the grinning smile
You never got a chance to help shape me
As I grew from child to adult

I was not sure how to take your death
I was young and didn’t understand
With what my little brain could process
I clung to grandma like glue after funeral
Not wanting to let her go
Afraid she would disappear too
Everyone among our small family then
Was in grief and very sad
To have someone die at age sixty

From you and grandma now
A large growing family we have
Your three children to seven grands
That now have given ten great-grands
They abound grandmas house
Filling the walls with laughter
She said she is blessed to still be here
To watch her and your grands and greats grow
Who knows how big our family will continue to grow

April 24 prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

Circus Is Closing Its Door

Circus will close its doors next month
I will miss going very much
Will not be able to take my nephews
To have them experience
What I saw when I was their age
They will not hear the words:
“Ladies and gentleman, children of all ages,
Welcome to the circus”, by the ringleader
They will not see the cats jumping through hoops
Will not in awe watch acrobats tightrope
Across on a tight rope to other side
And oh, the clowns that will be missed
Watching them do silly things
Their painted faces with funny expressions
Their silly gear they bring
The laughter that fills the air
Now will not be there
Then the elephant parade
As elephants march in single file
They lumber around, show off raising someone on trunk
Then putting front leg on elephant ahead of them
What a show that will be missed
I remember when I was young I use to go
It was fun and enjoyable experience
It was something you could say
“I was there, I saw a circus and love it!”
I will always treasure the time I went
Seeing the animals and clowns do their acts
It was a chance of lifetime to go
Since it traveled aboard everywhere on the road
I was glad to see it when I was very young long time ago
I will miss you The Ringling Brothers Circus
But, I can say when I am gray
I saw a circus when I was young and your age
I will tell stories of what I seen
Keep the memory of going alive
Watch my nephew’s eyes light in awe
Of what a circus is and what I saw

April 27th prompt: The Ringling Brothers Circus will close forever next month. Write an elegy to the circus.

Those Brown Eyes

Those intelligent brown eyes I miss them so.
How you gaze at me like you understood.
I was glad you were to listen to me.
I saw it in those brown eyes.
You will always be my first;
My furry friend, Lucy.
Even though you have pass.
I have found another furry friend
To talk to like I did with you.

April 3 prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net

Deleting Smartphone Camera Album

Why did I accidentally delete you
You were to start my growing collection
I spent countless hours trying to find some fragment
Of missing photos and videos you had
Inside your technical wrapped folder
I long to find you in cyberspace
But it is vast in the etherspace of time
What I give to view my photos and videos again
To laugh, to show them off to other
Alas, it is not to be, I scour the internet
Trying to find some way to bring back
My photos and videos I have lost.
For it was meant be, there were others too
But I didn’t need those back at all
One month of having new phone
I praise that I can find away to reproduce
Maybe a fraction of what was lost
I am glad you didn’t have more saved
Only a fraction lost to time
For what I had taken photos and videos of
Was only my dog and some nature things.
My dog is still here for me
I can take photos whenever I want
She has lifted me out
For now it is no big deal anymore
I find I got worked out for nothing
Just a few photos which didn’t mater at all
Now I know to be more observant
Backup or download an app to help me
In case it ever happens again.

April 26, 2015 Poem: Write an elegy for something (rather than someone) that you have lost, using the three traditional stages of the elegy for three parts of your poem: the lament for the loss, praise for the lost, and consolation for those left behind.