Your Face Is Everywhere

I see your face everywhere.
Your early portrait hangs on wall
tongue out showing your happy grin.
An image cube; I turn and turn ever so often
with changing of seasons.
You smile from metals prints
placed on mantle;
With three photos of your last photo shoot.
You smile out my current painting
I painted of you; an older version than the last.
You smile from greeting cards I get from Grandma.
Canvas photo of you on beach towel;
Smile with sunglasses on me from top of couch.
Mini painting I have tried painting of you
dot my windows sill view.
You are there in my photo frames
in living room where I pass by.
You smile at me from bedroom;
From a wood print block.
Your face is everywhere
It gives me comfort to know
I will not forget my best furry friend.

Face Of A Car

Faces look out with huge clear eyes
Each different because of size and shape.
Their smooth shiny skin reflect rays of light
The faces of some have grilled teeth huge or small
Others have barely none at all.
Some look like they smile while others look neutral.
They wait silently as we walk up and down
Trying to decide which one we should take home.
They just stare at us blankly
No expression in their face.