Leaves Rustle

Evening comes with full moon high
Leaves rustle along branches
They shake for cold wind comes
Wind whisper among leaves
Telling them darkness will last longer
For which their color will drain
Turning them brown, red, orange and yellow
And one by one they drop in heaps to ground
Their life drying up crumbling when footsteps trod

Fall Has Not Come

Fall seems to have not come
Summer doesn’t want to let go
Her sunny hot days
Barely the fall leaves have not changed
So much light shines among them to keep them green
Summer put away your season
Bring Fall into cooler days
Let the leaves turn color
Days are growing shorter
Yet Summer wants to hang on more
Let go until next year
Let Fall come breezing in

Late Fall This Year

Leaves are changing late this year
Weather hasn’t turn too cold yet
Now with October, winds have changed
Fall has finally arrive a little late
But he has time to catch up until
December comes with his icy hands
To blanket days with fridged cold weather
He’ll make do with notice given
For he was probably on vacation
And forgot to take notice, he was needed back in September.

More 5 Autumn Haikus

Autumn howls aloud,
Wrestling the through trees saying
Here I am now.

Autumn brings forth the
Changing colors of leaves that
The drop to cold ground.

Leaves raked close to form
High piles for one to jump in
Or to Watch the fun.

Crisp air and leave fall
Bringing Autumn to open
Its way for next phrase.

Autumn leaves swirl, dance
Through breezy day, in the air
Then gently to fall.

Indian Summer

Indian summer has arrive; days warm, evenings cool.
Temps are mild in late October no cold in sight.
Who knows how long it will last;
One day, two or maybe a week.
Rakes are out; leaves piles form
It’s great day to be outside and play.
Long walks with a dog to still enjoy
Before cold winters come along
Singing their icy, cold songs.
It may not be summer with flowering trees
But an indian summer still has nice breezes
Even if fall comes back bringing the cold again.