Flea and Dog Letter

I have come to write my thank you, to you, oh dog.
In your dense thick fur I have made my home.
I am small enough to enjoy the whole vastness of the fur.
Your fur is jungle as I navigate from one end to another
As I try to escape your paws from scratching your fur.
I will not leave now as your fur is nice and warm.
I am digging in with my all my legs and unpacked my stuff.
I thank you again for the new home and giving you the bite of a flea.

— From Flea

Dearest Flea, I received your short letter.
I am unhappy you made me your home and I don’t want you in my fur.
You make me itchy making me scratch my fur constantly.
I want you find another dog to bother and not me.
You are so small I have hard time trying to reach you.
I have tried everything on my own to get rid of your annoyingness.
But, now I have whined and showed my owner I need help.
They have found something to get rid you.
So, enjoy your brief stay until the flea and tick solution kicks in.
For I will be glad when you die and fall out of my fur.

— From Dog

A Flea In Dog’s Fur

I peer out from thick fur foliage
As I hang on with six legs
To watch your people move around
I am a tiny speck hidden within
Only way they find me
Is when you scratch your fur
I bite when I must
Sending me to being jostle around
As you try to reach my location
I retreat with my fellow fleas
I see your people look at you
They are concerned as this has been going on far to long
They come near with something in their hands
Its bigger then then me
Giant hands move into fur
I try to break to an exit
Drops come; to late I am to be gone
But, I know my fellow friends with hop back on for another rid
Before I pass I see the grey cold pincers grasp me
I am squeeze; my life snuff out

April 17th prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

Life Of A Flea

Silently it lands on soft pink ground
It looks up through tall fine thin grass
Inch by inch it moves towards moist spot
On nimble six legs it moves forward
Reaches area it lets out a sigh
Bends it mouth down and clamps
World begins to shakes
It holds on tight with all it might
It nestled in for long ride
Even as a paw reaches through
Trying to scratch the enemy who came through