Daffodils Were Silently Mourning

Last year daffodils were silently mourning
Mourning a lost of a furry friend
They had drooped their heads
Held themselves a silent prayer
For one furry dog
Who loved to sniff them;
Who loved to sit in them;
Who loved getting photos taken with them
They bowed their heads
When I took a picture last year
Just of them empty of that furry space
This year they will notice
A new dog will come around
Hopefully she will sniff them;
Sit among them;
And get photos taken with them
For they are happy life flowers

Flowers Sing Of Spring

The cows lay lazy in the house
Pulled with sleep
Wrapped around sheets
The cool air outside
The birds chirps
Sounding on trumpets
To welcome spring through open doors
Buds busting forth
Flowers unfurl their state flags
They begin to sing in rapturous chorus
Black music notes on bars come out
As they sway their petal arms in the air
I watch behind a window enthralled
At their beauty thinking only of when time comes
I will pluck them for a bouquet for my one true love

April 21st prompt from this site http://www.napowrimo.net/

Ode To Yellow

Hot sun
Moonlight. Theater spotlights. Flashlight beams.
Search lights finding someone in dark.
Crayon. One of many duplo blocks. Magic marker.
Wheat. Grains. Corn on the cob.
Flashing traffic lights for slowing going.
Eyes of wolves. Eyes of owls.
Fall leaves. Straw from scarecrows.
Singing canary. Goldfinch. Warbler.
Goldenrod Crab Spider.
Golden retrievers. Labradors. Carolina Dog.
Palomino horses. Cream cats.
Bees. Hornets wit stingers. Honey
Giraffe. Leopard. Cheetah.
Box of Cheerios.
Sunflowers. Buttercups. Daffodils.
School crossing sign. Slow sign. Deer sign.
Emergency Vehicle sign. Bicycle sign.
Slippery when wet sign.
Placing a injured in emergency truck.
Mustard. Cheese. Sour lemons.
Peppers. Morning scrambled eggs.
Butter. Bananas. Mac and Cheese.
Big bird from Sesame Street.
Bird’s feet. Golden compass.
Aged old maps.

5 Flower Haikus

Buds open from sun
Radiating to dazzling
colorful flowers.

Flower opens with their
Petals dipped in bright color
Welcoming the day.

Roses like satin
Feel like silk between fingers
As its cut from ground.

Flowers wave in the
Meadow of watercolor
Upon grassy hill.

Tiny seed breaths life
To radiating, stunning
Beautiful flowers.

Bumble Bee

The flowers not yet in bloom
They still hide within the ground
Hoping more rain will come soon
One yellow and black flying fuzz
Has not yet left his hive home
when he finally leaves for work
Bumble bee will fly on its mission;
To find any flowering plant
That he can pollinate as he wishes
Flutter his wings he buzzes onward
From flower to flower to do his job.
Collecting the honey flowers give
To bring back to his hive;
Th golden liquid which is called
That can be harvested as a sweet treat.
Bee flies onward towards this mission
To feed the flowers; to harvest;
Bring that sweet honey nectar back to share.

April 13th prompt. Write a bug poem.

5 Haikus More

From below the ground
Green stem punches through soft dirt
To see warm sunlight.

Bare empty branches
Waiting for the coming Spring
To open their buds.

Blooming flowers come
Rolling in stunning color
For everyone to see.

The fresh breezes blow
Gently across the surface
Of the open sea.

Fresh dew drops fall down
The silken red rose’s petals
To awaken it.