The Fly

They’re small, really small you can barely see them
Like specks of grain tiny to the naked eye
They fly around to fast to get a hold of one
Sometimes I hope to see one flat against the wall
Their wings are like clear silver mesh wire
Their bodies are all black fuzz with crazy eyes
There one goes, flying around
Grab the swatter to kill it now!


Into the world of the imagination
That runs wild as the rivers yonder
Where water change with every flow
Imaging new worlds unfold with each wonder.
New images of imaging come and go on the fly
Like eagle wings they gain momentum
Into the air and are set free.
Imagination is never ending
They grab you when least except
To unravel any stories unfold
Now fly into their opening arms.

Come Fly With Me

Come fly with me across the desert sands.
Let us glide over sandy dunes
And watch behind us the wind picking up sand dust as we move along.
Come let us use only our body to glide over these changing golden dunes.
Feel the sand brush upon us as we move;
Taste the gritty texture of the sand particles
Come flying into our mouth.
Come join me across the vast desert sands
Miles, and miles of endless dunes we will glide over
Using only ourselves like a jet engine we will move along.
Will you come fly with me across the desert sands?
We will glide over the sandy rolling dunes
Just you and I tasting the grittiness of the sand as we fly on along.

I Run Fast

I run fast
I run faster like a deer
I leap high
I leap higher into the air
I begin to swim upwards to the sky
I am swimming in the sky, passing white clouds as I swim by
I turn on my back
I am on my back doing a backstroke in the sky
I am relax
I am very relaxed swimming in the sky
I am swimming in the sky seeing everything as I swim on by
I am floating
I am floating by, high in the blue sky
I feel ripples
I feel many ripples like there is water in the sky
I begin to descend
I am descending down to the ground
I open my eyes
I open my eyes from a dream of flying high in the sky.

Flying Into My Heart

Fly into my heart on words
Of what can I say to you.
What words to describe your beauty,
Your love, your kindness in heart.
Words are stuck in my throat
To say to one so lovely like a white dove
On a Spring morning fluttering in the wind.
Oh, I adore you so much, my love,
That I cannot find the words to speak
To one as beautiful and fair as you.
My words I wish to speak,
Let the words fly from my heart
So you may hear my love to you.