Thanksgiving Feast

Turkey has finished cooking
Someone sneaks a piece of skin
Carving knife carves slices
Until turkey cease to be whole
All gather around the food
Each takes a plate laden high
Of how much food for first serving
Huge table all sit down
A prayer is spoken with heads bow
Give thanks, to the blessing of food
Dig in until you reach for seconds
Then no more; stuff as can be
But, wait there is still dessert
Sigh, I guess one can still fit that in too


Honeycomb Taster

Honeycomb drips through my fingers
Sticky waxy and golden
I bring to my mouth
Savoring the sweet taste
I close my eyes
Each bite better than before
Licking my fingers at end
I proclaimed it was the best batch
For grandpa to sell at the market

Dissapearing White Filling

Open an oreo and you see the cream
White filling sandwiched in between
Two chocolate circle cookies
Place one cookie without filling down
Lick the white filling off
Till none remains visible to the eye
Place back together; no middle exists now
Just two chocolate cookies
Ready to be dipped
In half a glass of milk

April 15 prompt from this site


Medium bowl filled
Fourth cup of All-Purpose flour
Fourth cup of Oat flour
With two tablespoon more
Shake in some cinnamon
For I hear it is goo for you
Some honey to sweeten batter
Mix well; set aside
Separate bowl for liquid
Half cup of milk;
Any type will do
Add tablespoon of vegetable oil
Then depend on your taste
Two to three or more of water
Stir well; Stir in dry mixture well
Griddle heated, add fourth cup
Flip after two or so minutes
Now ready to eat moist, yummy, tasty pancakes
Makes two serving so grab a friend

April 2 prompt from this site

Peppermint Dessert

Chocolate oreo crumbs mixed with butter
Spread out on 13 inch by 9 inch pan
With back of spoon for delicious crust
Soften peppermint ice cream pours its way in
Covering every inch with its pink self
Topped with snow white whip cream
Which is thawed out for final layer
A piece of tin foil wraps snuggle around pan
As dessert is placed in freezer to become frozen
Right before serving a cold dessert on Christmas Eve
A sprinkling of candy canes
And hot fudge adds a chocolate minty taste.
So refreshing after a Christmas meal

Chili Time

Fall and cold are in the air
Mom makes her famous chili
Hint of spice to tackle the cold outside
You sniff the aroma is strong
Like smelling inside a flower
Big bowl is waiting,
Waiting to fill you up
You take a bit
Feel the warmth rush though
Heating you from head to toe
The coldness leaves you
You finish, satisfy from a warm meal
Knowing there are leftovers for another day

Smores Dip

Preheat oven four hundred fifty degrees
Gather four or more chocolate bars;
More the better for chocolate lovers
A bag of marshmallows,
Grahams crackers is all else you will need
Spray round or square pan with spray butter
Add layer of chocolate bars first
Pack your marshmallows tightly on top
Ding, oven is ready
In goes pans to bake for five to seven minutes
Or until marshmallows are toasted
Cool for ten minutes before you start
Take a graham cracker and dip right in