Eyeing broccoli

Kana eyeing green broccoli

On white plate

Waiting for owner to give some to her.


Pizza And Dog Haikus

I look at pizza
Folded in half in your hand
Will you share it please?

I stare, waiting, but
No pizza will you give me
I will come close

Are you taunting me?
Pizza looks too good, I want
What you place in mouth

Please, please give pizza
I jump up to place paws On
Your leg while you eat

Sharing Vegetables

I smell fresh steamed veggies from kitchen.
I see you load them on white plate.
I watch you carry towards table
Once seated you begin to eat.
I come over placing front paws on chair.
Please share your green broccoli with me.
You see my pleading eyes.
You know certain veggies are good for dogs.
You find small pieces to give out.
You have me work for food.
I sit and stay for you.
I look at you when you say “Kana watch me”.
Each piece is so good.
Then I’m done; waiting for you to finish dinner.

At The Farmer’s Market

Picked with care organic fruits and vegetables
Washed and wash until they shine like morning sun.
Each placed in a carton or basket waiting to go
They head to a farmer’s market waiting to be picked out.
The day is nice; farmer sets his natural organic food
For anyone who amble by to check what is available for the week.
Atmosphere relax; not the go go of a grocery store
Customers linger talking with farmer about their food.
Its laid back as food is picked out and place carefully in bags.
There’s music welcoming customers to come on in.
Each week farmers may have something different
Its worth the trip to try to save money
Knowing that you are getting fresh vegetables and fruits for meals.

April 29th Prompt: The Georgic was originally Virgil’s very long poem on farming. Write a shorter, modern georgic on one aspect of farming today that you are familiar with. If farming is a far cry for you, think about grocery shopping, a farmer’s market, GMOs or a farm buying club.

Refreshing Treat

On hot Summer days
I go out to for a cold treat.
Order a refreshing froyo.
Let each bite last forever.
Checking a website to see
What this superfood contains.
At least I will not be hangry now;
For my froyo was a satisfying treat.

April 8th Prompt: Merriam Webster added 250 words to their dictionary last year. Choose three to include in a poem you write. Here are a few: callery pear, ransom ware, bunny (from basketball), schneid, alt-right, froyo, sriracha, woke (as a slang term), and troll (internet-related. See more of the words here.