Return of Shedding Fur

Time of year has come for dog to shed winter coat.
Returns in small single fur flying off when petted.
Days later fur begins to be pulled by tufts.
Brushing is the rule each other day.
Fur brushed off turns into a pile.
It grows and grows until–
You can almost make another dog from it.
Then summer coat comes in at last.
Until we wait for fall to change coat from summer to winter.
Return of loose fur has arrived
Shedding is means of the day

April 30th prompt from this site

A Fur Strand

My remote fell from chair.
I went to pick it up near the wall.
There between edges of carpet
I found a piece your creme brulee fur.
I picked the strand and held it between my fingers.
I looked at how it went white to brown.
Strand of fur was near where you loved to lay near chair.
I sighed remembering how much I missed you;
You were my friend and companion.
I placed the fur on your memory rock,
Letting you know I was thinking about you;
Hoping you would bound in with your smile
And ask me to pet and massage your furry coat.

How To Brush A Double Coated Dog

Come over to dog laying on their side.
Massage coat to loosen fur.

Gently trowel the furinator rake
Along furry side creating rows
For a garden which will sprout
New under fur coat in few weeks.

Clean fur off rake
Creating a fur pile off to side.

Move in one direction
In which fur moves like river.
From head to tail the rake
Will snatch loose fur in its claws.

One side down; another to do
If dog don’t switch over
Take paws to the air;
Create enough push to
Roll on to other side.

Continue brushing dog
Loose fur begins to fly
Fur pile grows and grows.

Quickly finish as they may move
For some get tired of the brushing.
But it is needed for the shedding season
Has come around the corner.

April 1st prompt from this site

I look at your picture

wishing you would jump out;
nudge my arm with a:
“I want you to pet me now!”

For I want to pet you again
as I miss stroking my fingers
along your fluffy fur coat.

The feel of smooth fur
which gave me strength
when I needed most of all.

How I miss your fur
which I loved to
place my face against
to find comfort in
your double furry coat.

But, you don’t jump out
as I long to be with you again.

5 Dog Haikus Brushing

Here are more haikus from what a dog would write.

Fur flies everywhere
As I shake my furry coat–
It’s time for brushing

Furminator in
Hand, owner comes to brush fur,
I sit very still

Furminator pokes,
I try to endure brushing–
I must lay down now

Continue to brush,
Now I will lay on my side
Can you please finish

Brushing fur is done
You gather discarded fur now
Into trash bin, bye

Furry Coat

She looks so warm in furry coat
Weather of winter doesn’t faze her
I look at her– “can I have that fur from thee?”
She looks up upon my question,
Head tilt she sighs to give an answer
“No, my fur is attached to me,
All zippered up the zipper tucked neatly,
Within the fold of fur you will not find.
I can’t take off unless you fur cut my fur
I won’t allow it, for I need my fur.”
“Guess I’ll be content then to snuggle with you”
“Fine with me,” she agrees
As she puts her furry self towards me.