Double Elevenie: Dog vs Geese

Sees geese
Outside while walking
Slink forward on paws

See dog
Outside wadding around
Honk noisly to escape


Geese In Our Path

Going down stairs around
corner for dog walk with
my dog, two geese eating
in our path, didn’t care
we there. She started to
stalk toward them slowly
as they try waddling far
away; no use they are to
slow. Now honking loudly
they flap their wings to
fly over our heads as we
stand by, dog jumping to
excitedly up and down to
try and catch them, with
no such luck getting to
them at all. There always
next time you silly pup.

April 20th poem: This was a hard poem to do. Choose an event from the past 24 hours of your life and write a poem about it. Each line of the poem should have exactly 24 characters.