At The Farmer’s Market

Picked with care organic fruits and vegetables
Washed and wash until they shine like morning sun.
Each placed in a carton or basket waiting to go
They head to a farmer’s market waiting to be picked out.
The day is nice; farmer sets his natural organic food
For anyone who amble by to check what is available for the week.
Atmosphere relax; not the go go of a grocery store
Customers linger talking with farmer about their food.
Its laid back as food is picked out and place carefully in bags.
There’s music welcoming customers to come on in.
Each week farmers may have something different
Its worth the trip to try to save money
Knowing that you are getting fresh vegetables and fruits for meals.

April 29th Prompt: The Georgic was originally Virgil’s very long poem on farming. Write a shorter, modern georgic on one aspect of farming today that you are familiar with. If farming is a far cry for you, think about grocery shopping, a farmer’s market, GMOs or a farm buying club.